Monday, June 5, 2017

And I'm Off...

I know, I know, you're thinking "she keeps saying she's leaving, when is she actually leaving?"

Well, as I write this on Friday, today is my last day and then I will be unemployed. Which means I will be looking for work somewhere in Nanaimo (hey, if anyone knows someone who needs a sparkling and talented employee...) Otherwise, I guess if you're going to end up homeless, then the island is a good place to be. I can always hang out behind restaurants fighting the rats for food. Wait. If I have to fight rats then they can have it. Right now I live in a lovely character home, but in a few months it could be a cardboard box. So let's hope that it doesn't  come to that, because me and my books and yarn won't fit.

Taking my place at the store will be the lovely Anne who is also a writer.

Turns out Lori hired a staff of writers without realizing it. She thought she was getting a staff of crafters. Boy, did we fool her.

Anne and Margaret (who is also a writer) will be taking over my blogging duties. They already had a practice run when I was gone for two weeks.

It has been great working here. By far my favorite job and I'm sad that I need to leave. But on to other adventures.

I have met some wonderful people and have made friends that I plan on hanging onto for as long as possible - at least until they tell me to leave them alone.

I've accumulated more yarn than I will ever need and one day when I have recovered from yarn stupor I will be wondering what I was thinking.

And I've written enough blogs that I can use them in my future books about my imaginary mall on Vancouver Island.

But just because I will no longer be writing this blog, doesn't mean I will no longer be writing. If you google me, you will find me. I have my own blogs as well as books on Amazon.

So I say goodbye to all you loyal customers and reassure everyone that I have not fallen off the ends of the earth, I have just gone to the end of Canada and will continue to share my wit and wisdom with the world.

Okay, quit rolling your eyes and groaning.

Here's the sale.

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Posted by Anna Maria Junus (who will no longer be an employee but still happy at my little desk that looks out on a view of the ocean while I write).

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