Monday, August 3, 2020

The 'Blogmaster' Took a Day Off

I would suggest you don't believe everything you read except that I actually did take off Saturday after the Rimbey Market to take Mom to Camrose to visit her sister. Normally, that time would be used to strip the RV bare in order to fill it back up on Sunday. So, even though I worked hard Sunday in order to clear out the old and bring in the new stock, I still had plenty to do on Monday - which became my Sunday because I took Saturday off. That means I was too preoccupied to realize that I hadn't 'blessed' you with my weekly ramblings. Lucky you ;)

The theme for this week's yarn offerings is Canadian sourced yarn.

Gathering Yarns is a company out of BC and they supply me with both Canadian and Italian sourced natural fibres.

Estelle Designs calls Ontario home and they have their own brand of yarn as well as supplying other brands such as King Cole - both of which will be in the store this week.

Katia is a well-known brand that is supplied by both of these companies. Again, lucky you!

A trio of smaller, independent Canadian companies that will have a few offerings in the pop up store are Zen Yarn Gardens, Sweet Paprika and Ancient Arts. If I had more room in the RV, I would have also brought Dewedlebug Merino roving again. This particular company is as local as they can get. The owners walk to the pop up store when they need something. :)

written by Lori, happy TCL owner, who appreciates a day off more if I remember what day comes after it.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Heritage Day Monday

Just a quick reminder that this Monday is
a holiday here in Alberta and
the pop up store
will not be making an appearance at
the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre.

Happy Heritage Day, Alberta! - UNA

Monday, July 27, 2020

Little by Little

Well, it's the sixth week up and running, and the pop up store continues to undergo improvements. The front wall (behind the cab) is now capable of many different faces. The current face is an improvement upon last week's face because the pegboard has been replaced by grid wall, allowing more light to shine through.

And when it is not accommodating hanging skeins, I can create more cubbies by using my SKUBB hanging storage units (affectionately known as body bags) to house more yarn balls and donuts. (No picture of that yet but it's coming - someday.)

So what yarn is the pop up store offering this week? Because it was a short week last week, I am bringing the same yarn this week. If you missed it, there is Berroco Modern Cotton, Weekend, Vintage (all three weights), Comfort dk, Comfort Sock and Fiora. Also King Cole Big Value Chunky and dk, Estelle Worsted and Gathering Yarns Hayne's Creek, Alpaca Sport, Big Buzz and Merino Chunky. Universal Uptown Worsted and Baby Sport, Cascade Anthem, James C. Brett Amazon, Peter Pan Petite Fleur and Katia Cotton Stretch have also come along for the ride. And of course, all the knitting needles and crochet hooks in sets and individual packages.

You didn't know so much could fit into such a small space, did you?

written by Lori, TCL owner, who loves artfully cramming massive amounts of stock into tiny little spaces.

Monday, July 20, 2020

The Ongoing Saga of the Pop Up Store

I got so excited last week about being able to let everyone know that I had been granted a permanent weekday parking spot at the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre and that it was effective immediately, I neglected to (initially) remember and then let you all know that I won't be there THIS Monday, July 20, because of an appointment I had booked for the RV over a month ago. If it is an easy fix, I could be back in my spot Tuesday morning. If not, I will keep you posted, daily, on the Facebook page.

Speaking of Facebook pages, I made the Rimbey Farmer's Market Facebook page as one of their Vendors of the Week! The small blurb and the pictures were awesome! And the response to the post was tangible - people came and not only squished the yarn but purchased it too because of that post. 😊

So, this week's yarn offering is going to be solids and tonals (because hand dyed's are rarely fully solid) in a number of different fibres from cotton to wool to acrylic and blends. There will be no buttons and shawl pins this week so that I can have more hooks and needles. Woohoo! Hope to see you early in the week at LPAC and should definitely see you at Rimbey on Saturday.

written by Lori, tired TCL owner, who's in for a long week this week.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Three Posts in ONE WEEK?!

Hey everyone,

As you saw in the last blog, The Crafty Lady pop up store now has a permanent spot during the week at the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre. My first day was this past Wednesday, July 15. I was so excited to get started that I completely forgot that the RV had a checkup scheduled for this coming Monday, July 20.

If it is an easy fix, I will be back at LPAC on Tuesday. If it is not, I will post daily on Facebook until I am able to return restocked and ready to sell.

So if you had already planned your day trip to fondle the yarn, I apologize if this messes up your plans but it would have been much worse if you had driven all those miles just to think that I was punking you all this time. 😉

Remember - check FB for updates so you can be sure I'll be there when you are.

written by Lori, currently scattered TCL owner, who just needs a chance to breathe.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Crafty Lady has a new home!

The Crafty Lady has a home in Lacombe for the pop up store!

I will still be taking the store to the Rimbey Farmer's Market every Saturday morning (9:30-12:30) but now you will also be able to come squish yarn in the parking lot at 5227 C & E Trail in Lacombe Monday -Friday 10am - 4pm! The ONLY downside to this is that online orders may take a day to fill instead of a half hour. 😉 Even that has an upside. You can order online and request pickup at the pop up store. Just make sure to wait for the fulfillment email before showing up. (If you placed your order at 3am, I may not have had a chance to pick it before opening shop for the day.)

And the news just gets better.

By September, we are hoping that enough restrictions have been eased that I can start - wait for it - teaching classes! Squeee! If you haven't been in the LPAC building recently, other than because of COVID, you may not know that there are a number of different sized rooms available for a myriad of activities. The Fireplace Room provides an intimate setting for a small class, The Art Room is slightly larger and comes with its own attached washroom - which is excellent for longer classes. I can't imagine what I could possibly teach that would require using the Theatre, but I'm not going to exclude it from the possibilities. What classes would you like to see happening in the fall? Keep in mind, I don't quilt or embroider. Stick to the product I carry in the store. I can work with that.

Now for the COVID part of this announcement.

Space is limited inside the store. It's an RV, ya know, so only one person at a time (or a maximum of two if you came shopping together). Until it becomes necessary, I will not be requiring appointments. If you start lining up outside the door, appointments may become a thing.

Either you or I will be wearing a mask - preferably both of us. If you come heavily (or even lightly) scented, I may ask you to shop another day. Masks can only do so much before my allergies kick in and I'm the only person manning the store. You don't want to be the person that kept other people from shopping, do you?

You will be required to use my hand sanitizer before touching any of the product. Even if you just put yours on.

Payment by tap is provided - both debit and credit - and I TAKE CASH! Do not be offended if I sanitize it in front of you because Hooray for plastic money. 😁 I will even take eTransfers but I am not yet Paypal ready.

And, of course, if you or anyone you know has or may have COVID 19, or come into contact with someone who has it, please stay home. I would hate to find out that my customers are getting sick because one of them just couldn't wait to squish the yarn until they felt better. I would also hate to get sick and not be able to let you squish the yarn. 

So everyone stay healthy, share this post far and wide,
and see you in the LPAC parking lot at 10am, July 15, 2020

written by Lori, excited TCL owner, who won't be able to sleep tonight!

Monday, July 13, 2020

501 patterns fighting to get out ...

Those of you that know me, know that the wheels are always turning, even when I'm sleeping. How can I make this sweater seamless? How can I make self striping yarns more flattering by creating vertical stripes? How can I improve upon ...?

Introducing LN061A!

A couple of months back, my aunt bought two skeins of this lovely yarn from me (Ella Rae Phoenix Print #18 Banana Ice) to make a cowl for herself. She changed her mind and sent it back to me. Well, I couldn't just let it languish in front of me, knowing that her brand new great grandson had coloring perfect for these colours!

My original Vertical Vest pattern (LN061) was written to be made with a single ball of 6ply / dk yarn so it could only be completed with no sleeves or a cap sleeve at best.

(The photo to the right shows what happens when you don't have quite enough yarn for the second cap sleeve.)

I knew I had enough yarn to make a size 2 sweater with sleeves but the question was how to make 'seamless' sleeves (using provisional cast on and Kitchener Stitch) so that the stripes remained vertical like the rest of the sweater and still have properly fitted sleeves. Through trial and error and a total of three sleeves, I finally figured it out.

You will also notice that the body is a near perfect mirror image from one side to the other - front and back. The two balls were nearly perfect twins (only ~12' difference at the beginning of the balls) so I started the back in the middle with a provisional cast on and I made one full side then picked out the cast on and worked the other side. This would not have been possible with two of the original three yarns I used in the vest pattern because the colour changes were much more random in the Lang Tosca Light and the Jawoll Magic 6ply

This pattern is not yet on paper (or digitally available) because I think I will make it a Stocking Stitch version so that the Kitchener join is less of a headache. If you've never tried using a Kitchener Stitch on garter stitch, give it a try. You'll see what I mean.

written by Lori, happy TCL owner, who has enjoyed a chance to get another one of the 501 patterns rolling around in my head a chance to get out.