Monday, April 27, 2020

Pop Up Update

Well, the snow is almost all gone and the flood from a week ago was a one-off (we hope!). This has given me a chance to focus on the RV renovations!

The first job was to put the battery back into the front end so that I could move the motorhome into a more convenient location so I hooked it up to the battery charger in the morning and installed it later that afternoon. Success πŸ‘until the next day when I checked to see if the battery was still charged πŸ‘Žso I boosted it and let it run for the prescribed minimum 10 minutes (according to Google). That must have been one of the true things on Google because it is still going strong πŸ‘.

The next task was to remove the jutty-outy part of the kitchen counter - the part that makes it impossible to get from one end of the RV to the other if someone has opened the fridge. I took all kinds of pictures and videos of the inside of the cabinet so that I knew where all the anchor points were for the countertop; where the (currently inert) electrical bits were so that I could uninstall the bits that are housed on the side wall to be removed; and where the water and propane lines were so I didn't damage them as they are NOT currently 'inert'.
I figured I could get a lot of the preliminary work done before calling in help for those tasks. I found all the right sized bits for my power drill and my manual screwdriver and got to work.

The TV, DVD player and outlets (GFI, 12 volt and cable) all came out without a fight. Okay - that ONE screw in the TV stand has refused to let go of the TV but that didn't stop me from removing the TV stand from the already tiny countertop.

I discovered that the manufacturers used a Kreg jig for joining which makes for a beautiful finish but meant I had to use my manual screwdriver because the plumbing was in the way of my power tool. Good thing I play the piano (strong fingers, hands and arms) and used to teach junior high (patience of Job) because it took a while to get all the screws out of the front face of the offending peninsula. (Haha. You thought I didn't know what the jutty-outy thing was called, didn't you πŸ˜‰)

Nothing moved. I mean nothing. All the screws that were hiding in their angled hidey-holes had been removed and the countertop and face were solidly held together. Turns out they used brad nails, screws AND glue! I've decided that it is a good thing that most of the Farmer's Markets are not getting the go ahead this year - the exceptions being the ones that are going online - and that social distancing will not be possible in the RV. It is going to take all summer just to renovate!

So glad so many of my customers (including some new ones) followed me online. This social distancing is great for introverts like me but not so good for businesses like mine where the customers want - no, NEED -  to 'pet the squishies'. So for now, I will persevere with the renos, keep filling orders, continue entering data into the improved website so one day you can actually enjoy the experience of ordering from, and plan for the Pop Up season next summer.

Oh! Some show and tell!

After Mom inherited the original Adult One Seam Sweater, I finally got around to making my very own One Seam Sweater using Caron Cakes (yes, I used contraband yarn again). It will be finished later this evening (Monday) but here it is with just the bottom halves of the sleeves to finish. 😁 I started it less than a week ago!!!
 written by Lori, grateful TCL owner, who loves having all this extra time right now to do the things she HAS to do as well as the things she LOVES to do.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Does This Mean Spring Is Finally Here?

So. Have I ever told you that my mother is amazing?

At 86 years young, she was out at the warehouse with me for the better part of Friday soaking up her portion of the flood with the 2 gallon shop vac while I was manning (womanning?) the 10 gallon shop vac, all in an effort to keep the yarn and everything else in the warehouse dry.

See those sandbags there? She continued sucking up water while I made two trips to pick them up. Don't worry. We may refer to her as Mighty Mouse but I was the one who was slinging the sandbags around.

After almost seven hours straight of hard labour, we finally stemmed the flow of the garden runoff enough to go in and have supper.

A big shout out to a couple of the town staff for coming to remove the ice buildup on the back alley that was trying to keep pace with the garden runoff.

Needless to say, we were exhausted by the end of the day and I still managed to fill a number of orders after supper.

We managed to recuperate over the weekend and by Sunday evening the garden was a soggy mess with no snow in sight and the sandbags kept the water at bay. Yay!

On Saturday, it occurred to me (and one of 'the faithful') that we were missing Knit Night. She has been taking courses via Zoom and I had just had my own first experience with Zoom earlier in the week. What if we had a virtual knit night? We could still have conversation and camaraderie. We could still show off our WIPs and FOs. And because none of us would have to drive home afterwards, we wouldn't have to limit our refreshments to coffee or tea. πŸ˜‰

So let's see how many of you read to the very end of the blog today.
If you would like to participate in a virtual Knit Night on Thursday evenings between 6 and 9pm, leave an affirmative comment.
If you don't want to/can't participate for any reason, say so. I still want to know if you read this far.

Written by Lori, thankful TCL owner, who has a dry floor thanks in part to my very own Mighty Mouse. Love you Mom.

Monday, April 13, 2020

A Happy Snowy Easter to Everyone!


I finished a few projects that I've been meaning to get to -
all the previous Christmas/birthday gifts are done and these arm covers for the couch and chair, (of which I made two different variations so I wouldn't get bored)!

They are actually a much darker taupe so the fact that they look this light grey means the sun is out! YAY!!

As you can see, Easter week was quiet for us due to the stay at home orders.
We kept in contact with friends and family through the internet and phone. Because Mom is so-o impressed with all the zoom choirs and orchestras that have been showcased on TV,
I will teach her how to at least use Facetime before this is done so that she can see that her sister in assisted living really is okay. Baby steps. πŸ˜‰

I am still rearranging the warehouse. Almost everything is in its new home and I am still filling and delivering a few orders every day. When I am finally happy with the way the warehouse looks, I will post a video so that you can see that the store is still a going concern. And that has to happen soon because, when the snow goes away, I have to start on the motorhome / pop-up store!

I'm not sure how many Farmer's Markets will be running this summer, and for those that do, they will probably be cutting back on the numbers of vendors to allow for the physical distancing protocols. The silver lining is that I will have more time to get the motorhome exactly the way I want it.

So ... in the time that it took me to write this blog, this happened.

< On the back deck, you can see how much snow was left before it started up again.
< In the front yard, the trees have kept the new snow on the road. And just look at the 'fog' in front of the trees. Really coming down!

Remember, it was sunny when I took those first pictures.

But not to worry, I have faith that Mom will have her garden in before May 9th as she always does so snow all you want, Mother Nature, Spring is already here. Just gotta let it show up.

written by Lori, happy TCL owner who can't wait for all the greenery we should have had for Easter.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Bring Me Basics

I was approached by Lacombe Online to take part in BringMeBasics, a new venture designed to keep everyone happy while shopping local during our 'down time'. None of us really want to spend this time spring cleaning, do we? So why not learn a new skill? I have different jewelry making projects as well as knit or crochet accessories at this time. Prices include everything you need to make your projects, except basics like tape, safety pins or scissors. If you need those, hop on over to and I will do my best to hook you up with what you need.

Even without BringMeBasics, it is wonderful to know that I have enough loyal customers trying to keep themselves sane that my online / phone / email sales, and therefore deliveries, have kept me busy (lots of hand sanitizer!) You know, I didn't think I'd be selling skeins of DMC floss any more so I was just going to leave them in boxes until I had the yarn exactly where I wanted it. Nope. Guess what was in high demand this week. Really high demand! I have decided that I will probably keep it as regular stock after my suppliers have once again been deemed necessary businesses and I can reorder. Elastic was also in high demand this week because of all the people making masks. Yay!!!!! Sadly, I am now completely out of the sizes that work and cannot bring more in until my suppliers are deemed essential businesses again.

On a personal note, I have still been finding time to play with yarn. I am especially pleased to announce that a pair of Lorigami Socks that I started way back in September(!) were finished on Wednesday and sent out Friday. The intended recipient has been waiting patiently but I think she will still be surprised when they end up on her doorstep.

The third of the late Christmas presents is now complete and I have decided that they will be birthday presents instead. That means plenty of time to finish the last one.

I have also been working on a crochet project at my mom's request - covers for the arms of the couch. Thankfully she is happy with my pattern choice because I can work on them while we watch the Scotties and Brier that we taped and never had time to watch. (And, no, you can't spoil it. We already know who won.)

Most importantly, stay safe, stay busy and enjoy the time you have at home.

(Side note: the link to the Lorigami Socksabove states that you will receive a paper copy if you purchase it from this website. I can email a digital copy if you prefer. The new webstore will have digital copies - another reason I am making the switch.)