Monday, January 26, 2015

Caress and Blush or Blush and Caress (Does That Sound Too X-Rated?)

Did I get your attention?

Okay, now that I've intrigued you, the answer is Diamond Yarns! I guess blushing and caressing can lead to diamonds.

Diamond Luxury Collection: Blush  100m $9.00

Top: Moby Grape
L-R: King Crimson, Blue Cheer, Mellow Yellow, Purple Haze,
Green Tamberine, Moody Blues, Green Onion
Oh, go look at the link. The colors are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Tonals! Which means you get variations of the same color. Want to do a solid color sweater? Well, you can only with a little extra oomph. You can do cables and lace stitches and they will still show up! And you can do really interesting fair isle, intarsia, and color blocking.

And it's sooooo soft! I didn't want to blog about it because I'm afraid it will all disappear before I get to buy any!

This is alpaca! 100% DK weight. We have ALL the colors!

Diamond Luxury Collection: Caress  75m $13.00

L-R: Fawn, Polar Bear, Bunny
Caress is a chunky yarn with 68% alpaca (yes alpaca, don't you just love alpaca?) and 32% polyamide.

Think comfy cozy sweaters, cuddly scarves and cowls. and warm hats.

The colors are go-with-everything neutrals. White, gray and tan.

Did I mention how soft this yarn is? It's really, really, really, soft. You'll want to hibernate with it.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee, although Lori is evil for bringing in yarns that make me want to spend my paycheck). 

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