Monday, October 19, 2015

Calgary Creative Stitches Show 2015

Front view. Like our new signage?
Here we go! Pictures from the Calgary Show.

The show was held at Spruce Meadows. What a gorgeous place! English heritage looking buildings all over the place. If my feet hadn't been sore at the end of the day I would have wondered around. As it was I took the wrong turn on the first day and had a nice little drive around. I guess I should have got pictures of that.

Lori testing out the till. 

Anyway, we didn't have much competition as far as yarn stores go. It's mostly quilting and scrapbooking - I have no idea what scrapbooking has to do with stitches but those scrapbookers are crazy. Dancing, singing, exercising. They are a noisy bunch.

I'm sure if we got enough yarnies together we could beat them at it.

Arm knitted scarves, and Lori's mom Muriel in the corner. You can see we
had a corner booth.

We got to show off some new yarns.

Lori's mom, Muriel,packed us a great lunch which we ate standing up and serving customers.

And Lori's arm knitting classes were a huge success!

View from one end. 

Next year I'll try to do better with the pictures. Maybe more of the venue. It's just that our booth looked so stunning!

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who got to go and boy did my feet hurt at the end of both days).

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