Saturday, January 30, 2016

A True Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a land far far away called Japan, there was a man named Eisaku Noro who decided that he didn't like color rules.

And so he chose to make yarns from certified organic farms around the world using colors that no one else would put together, like hot pink next to rust and hunter green beside lime. And lo and behold, it all worked and the magical folk who could take two sticks and some thread and create the most wondrous garments, flocked to buy his yarns with the wild colors and textures.

He became a world wide sensation and was greatly revered in the sticks and thread world. Books and magazines were devoted to his work. Designers clamored to be one of the Noro gang, and little shops were thrilled when the magic yarn came in like big Christmas presents, for they knew that these brightly colored balls and hanks would one day be reborn into special gifts for loved ones made by the magical folk.

And so we too have just recently had boxes brought to our door containing the magic yarn.

Silk Garden 

45% Silk, 45% Mohair, 10% Wool
100 meters, $13.00
Aran weight (4)

We have the five following colors. You can check out the colors at Knitting Fever.

87, 338, 351, 415, 424

Kureyon (it means crayon)

100% Wool
100 meters, $10.00
Worsted Weight (4)

We have the eight following colors. You can check them out at Knitting Fever.

359, 362, 366, 367, 368, 369, 371, 374

Now those are just the new Noros we got in this week. We have other Noro throughout the store. Kureyon Air, Taiyo Sock, Taiyo Sport, Silk Garden Lite, Takeuma, Koromo, Retro, and Shiraito.

And we even have some in 25% off sale yarns. But then you may only find one ball of something and once it's gone, it's gone. We have Hitsuji, Matsuri, Kirameki, Furin, and Maiko. Come in and grab it while you can!

And if you need some Noro inspiration we have the following copies of Noro publications.

Noro Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

 Noro Pattern Book Vol. 28

Noro Pattern Book Vol. 29

Noro Pattern Book Vol. 31

We know that the magical folk will be in to soon and we hope that you will be one of them. Soon they will be all gone and yet the magic will continue. The end is not the end. 

Posted by Anna Maria Junus happy employee of a sticks and threads shop that carries magical yarn.

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