Monday, April 25, 2016

Sing Along: Everbody's Retreating For the Weekend

It's retreat season!

Some of you are avid retreat enthusiasts, some of you may have gone on an occasional retreat, and some of you are wondering if that means you can treat yourself in our store and come back the same day and treat yourself again. (By the way, the answer is yes.)

Whether you love to quilt, scrapbook, cross stitch or knit, there is a retreat out there for you. Think of it - a place to go with other women, away from the husband that can't find anything, the job with the crazy co-worker who won't take her meds, the children who see you as the chauffeur they're embarrassed to be seen with, your mother-in-law (no description necessary), the dog that spreads garbage throughout your home and lies in the middle of doorways, the mountain of housework because you don't have an Alice, and all those other responsibilities which leaves you wondering if you can just get in the car and leave, throwing your rear view mirror out the window.

I'm going on a retreat in a couple of weeks. This retreat has a very long weekend, starting on Wednesday afternoon and ending Sunday. Eleven meals prepared for me, long days of stitching or knitting well into the night, a possible massage and pedicure, playing games, and a chance to make new friends. The only thing better would be to go on a stitching cruise. And yes, they do exist - so do needlework and knitting tours in Europe - but that will have to wait until I turn into J.K. Rowling.

Since it's close by, I'm sure some of those retreaters will visit the store. We love retreaters. They tend to come in groups of four or five, and they ooh and aah. We like oohs and aahs.

Weekends in the spring and fall are perfect for retreats. In the spring they're an opportunity to build up reserves for the summer when the kids are home all day for two months, and in the fall they're a reward after you get everyone off to school again. It's a mini-vacation over a long weekend.

Speaking of weekends. Guess what's on sale this week? You can treat yourself and re-treat again!


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Regular Price: $8.50

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who is also happy that she gets to go on retreat for a weekend)

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