Monday, September 19, 2016

Froggit Strikes Again

You know when you start a new ball of yarn and you want to pull from the center, only sometimes when you do you end up with a huge yarn barf, so you roll your eyes, sigh, and untangle it before you begin. 

I had one in the middle. Right in the middle of a sock I was working on. A fake fair isle second sock which meant that if I cut it I would have to unwind a lot of yarn to get to another end so that my socks would match.

And this barf was nasty. I swear that Froggit, Rippit and Gurr snuck inside that ball and had a wild drunken party using my yarn like silly string. And they waited until I had already started that sock. If you have no idea who Froggit, Rippit and Gurr are, you can read about them here. When You Need a Hero 

Of course, Captain Knit Wit and his crew were nowhere to be found to save the day.

I could have been finished that sock days ago. But nope. I spent that time unraveling the evil that had been inflicted on my yarn. It was worse than untangling Christmas lights.

It's certainly not the first time that I've been sidetracked or completely defeated. I already wrote about Dr. Who stealing my sweater. You can read about that here. Dr. Who Stole My Sweater Now before someone points out that Dr. Who is not his name, I want to point out that if I just said "The Doctor" many wouldn't know if I meant Marcus Welby, George Clooney, or McDreamy.

There was also that time when I was working on a lovely cabled sweater and my three year old daughter found my embroidery scissors and decided to turn it into artistic lace. A few years later she did it again to a cross stitch picture I was working on, and a cross stitch afghan. The cross stitch afghan was saved by an embroidered heart which I had to repeat in various places throughout the afghan. That child did live to adulthood and is married now. I have put a curse on her that she will have a child that will do something similar to her. Hey it worked before.  One of my other daughters has kids who drew on walls. Heh, heh, heh. 

So I would love to know what kind of mishaps you have had while creating your marvelous wonders. Please post them here and we can all commiserate with each other.

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Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who loves logic problems but no so much when they're presented in the form of tangled and knotted yarn).


  1. I love the cartoons. They are so funny, but true! The complicated sweater that took 4 months to finish had me swearing A LOT. Just when I thought I knew where I was, it wouldn't work. I couldn't watch a movie while making that sweater! I feel for mothers with small children. They work they destroyed, and still lived is AMAZING.

  2. I know my husband will look over, overt eyes and pretend he didn't hear me when I come across one of these lovely puzzles.

  3. I've had that happen many times. But I think the worst thing I ever untangled was a full ball of yarn that the dog stretched from one end of the house to the other. After an hour and much patience, which I don't normally have, I got the tangles mess straightened out.