Monday, June 11, 2018

What's in a Name?

Yarn deliveries here at The Crafty Lady shop are a "Christmas Morning" experience.  While The Lady has placed a specific order, her practice of having it (or a portion of it) paid for before delivery means that we (The Lady and her staff) usually have no idea what's in those boxes -- the ones that arrive one, two, three or (sometimes) many more at a time.
'Carina' in the  sky


Once we discover what's inside, in the process of receiving it into our inventory, we get to find out the names the supplier has given the yarn.

Yarns are categorized thus: brand, line, colour.  Usually the lines have names; however, this isn't always true of the colours. Sometimes those have names and sometimes numbers -- and sometimes we name the "numbered" colours ourselves.

That said...this week we offer you a Super Special, a line named after... a constellation!



Though...I confess...I'm not sure we understand the connection.  So..."ours is not to reason why..."

We can tell you that it's a rarity...because it's been tough to find any information about this yarn.  In fact, there's more in the way of facts about the constellation (see above)!

So...we just have to invite you to come to the shop (at our new location -- 5006 50th Avenue, Lacombe, Alberta -- at the corner of 50th Avenue and 50th Street, just west of the CIBC) and see for yourselves!

(The arm you see in the photo is that of TCL staffer, Anne, as she poses the subject...)

NOVA Yarns 

52% Wool
48% Acrylic

"Chainette"** construction

Regular Price:  $7.00

Sale Price: $1.75

**"Chainette Yarns have a chained ply that provides a hollow core. This increases the weight of the yarn without increasing the heft of the fabric knit or crocheted with it. Chainette Yarns also have a great stretch and elasticity to them that make these yarns a great choice for ribbing and garments or accessories that need to have negative ease built in. And if that’s not enough to entice you, Chainettes also give great stitch definition and make cables stand out!" 

*Written by TCL staffer Margaret, who rarely sees the constellations -- regardless of hemisphere -- because she goes to bed too early!

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