Monday, August 20, 2018

Where Do You Begin?

Do you start your yarn project with an idea, a request from someone, or a specific pattern in mind?

Some of us design our own patterns (like The Crafty Lady herself), or take those of others and alter them...and others simply 'wing it'.  Some rely on a combination of those sources.

Me?  I can resize a pattern, yes, but by and large, I'm a "pattern knitter and a recipe cook".  I don't 'wing it' in either of these areas -- at least, not if I want a garment that fits or a food dish that tastes good!

So...if you aren't your own pattern designer, whether for knitting or crochet, this week we have a Super Special Sale just for you!

We're including not one, not two, but three pattern sources:





Assorted Titles
(not exactly as shown)

Assorted Prices
Regular Price Range: $3.00 - $5.00

Sale Price: 75% OFF Marked Price

Get set for more fun with your fall and winter knitting!

This is the opportune time to collect patterns for your favourite yarn craft, and your favourite pattern genres, from baby-wear to home decor -- or to acquire a booklet with patterns and techniques you've never tried before.

Stop by and see the selection; we look forward to helping you make your choices -- and to choose the yarn you need to make your project happen!

*Written by Margaret, who can create original art with fabric -- but when it comes to her knitting, needs a pattern!

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