Monday, September 24, 2018

Fair weather or foul?

How do you react to the weather?

Can you find a blessing in the snow or only feel the cold and rain? Last week I heard a new word used to describe the weather "misling", a combination between mist, drizzle, rain and/or wet snow. I have no idea if the word is going to catch on or not. I find it really interesting how we continue to create new words, while others go out of fashion.

On the assurance of several farmers over the weekend, I can confirm they are very confident we are going to have wonderful weather in October. We just need to get there. . .

This is the kind of weather that encourages one to be creative: grab a coffee (or other beverage), curl up with your knitting/crochet/cross-stitch in front of a good movie and be creative.

I am currently working on a sweater for a family member, in between working on my "learn to crochet" project(s) - as of this writing, please come into the store and offer comments on the crochet Dragon scarf currently under construction and the first small shawl I have finished.

Please, you MUST tell me the truth about my skill level - or I will not improve. I cannot upload a picture of the first finished crochet project at the moment. Here at The Crafty Lady we are in the process of updating the hard drives. This has resulted in pictures going one direction and our access to them is going somewhere else. We have a really great person working on it, so hopefully it will be resolved in the near future.

Speaking of projects, I was recently asked "how does a knitter/crocheter plan their projects? Do they look in their stash, find a pattern, have a request (i.e. baby blanket/wedding) or just make it because?" I answered "Yes". Every crafter uses these techniques sometimes, or all of them. There is no perfect/100% of the time method to start a new project.

Back to crafting; when you are not confident in what you are doing, how you are doing it, or just want to talk through something you do not understand - Lori, Margaret and I will try to help. If it is a larger issue, we charge $15.00/hour to for a one-on-one lesson.

This week's Special 75% off will fit into a number of different projects and is very versatile yarn.

Crofter DK 
60% Acrylic, 40% cotton, 15% wool
50/170 m
Reg. $8.50

75% Off

This is such a versatile, interesting yarn to work with. It also works well with a number of other yarns to add creative items.

Posted by Anne, who really hopes you will come in and purchase, so I do not get into trouble by adding to my stash. See you soon! 

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