Monday, July 22, 2019

Fresh Out of Ideas

Do you ever have a day like that -- where it seems that your brain cells are completely empty, nothing there: nada, zip, nothing?

Sometimes those days can go on for weeks!  That's when you find yourself in a creative slump -- nothing appeals.  You might have six projects on the go, and not one single one is calling to your heart.  Not. One.

Worse, yet, you're not tempted by anything in your project queue, or in your yarn stash.

You take a walk.

You have a nap.

You try to settle with what  was hitherto a good book.

You surf the Internet -- Pinterest and Ravelry -- for ideas.

You might be saying to yourself, "Drat!  Everyone else seems to be having so much fun with what they're doing.  What's wrong with me?!"

There's only one thing for it: get out and party!  

Say what?!

It doesn't have to be a big deal.  We're not talking invitations, catering, setting up a bar, hiring entertainment.

Not that kind of party. Just see if you can get together with a couple of good friends for time together -- preferably in the form of coffee or a meal out, or a short road trip to visit other places of interest (including yarn shops, of course!), with some music in the background.  Go out to a movie together, or to a museum or art gallery -- or take in an evening at one of those 'paint party' places where you come home with a painting or a painted mug or bowl.

This isn't a time not to whine and commiserate (well, maybe for the first five or ten minutes!), but a time to share easy conversation, some good food and/or drink, funny stories and...eventually...ideas.

There!  Don't you feel better now?  😉

And just in case your new ideas involve yarn...this week The Crafty Lady provides you one more opportunity to party -- with colour!

Party Time Chunky
from James C. Brett
Colour #PT 7

100 grams = 153 metres (167 yards)
100% acrylic

Regular Price: $9.00
Sale Price: $2.25!

PLEASE NOTE: there's a limited quantity -- in only one colour-way.  

One ball will create an adorable "stuffie"; a couple will make a bright and cheerful kid's sweater; and four will make a colourful, cuddly baby blanket!

This happy yarn is sure to shake loose some new yarn-craft ideas, whatever you decide to make with it.

Take time to party -- and we'll see you in The Shop!

*Written by Margaret, who believes that any day that includes yarn is worthy of a party!

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