Monday, October 7, 2019

A little haze?

My husband and I have a rescue dog, Sophie, who walks with me along the beach at Gull Lake, while I knit. Yes, you can do basic knitting, while walking and talking.

Walking in the fall is such a wonderful time of the year - I know we do not have the colours they have in the Maritime or Eastern Canada. We do have wonderful vistas, colours and incredible skies. The geese are starting to gather on the lake. When they start honking as they gather to go to the fields to feed, this upsets Sophie! She barks and barks - bad training or the nature of a Cocker Spaniel?  So far all of our neighbours are very understanding - they, too, have a dog or two.

This blanket is a great example of knitting and walking - all the squares were completed while the dogs and I were out walking. I did run out of colours, so as a dementia blanket this worked really well. The patients really appreciate the textures of the two yarns and the colours. It is really light, while being warm and washable.

I do not recommend colour work or lace work. My crochet skills do not yet allow me to walk and crochet - I am working on it.

It is still warm enough to walk and knit - at least until tomorrow, when it may not be. We will(?) have warmer weather before the snow stays for winter.

This is a wonderful time to start thinking of quick gifts to work on for stocking stuffers or gifts for Christmas. I know, everyone groans when I say this, but with our family, if I do not start now, I will not be completed on time.

There are so many wonderful yarns to use to make gifts for loved ones in the store, with more arriving soon.

The Crafty Lady has added a number of patterns to the sale section. These are patterns for discontinued yarns, or yarns we can no longer get. They are really great patterns, but they are now at 25% off - come in and browse. There are patterns for toys, sweaters for all ages, home accessories, hats, scarves, etc. Come in and browse.

Speaking of sales - this week's special 75% off yarn - would be great for a quick, soft toque or pair of fingerless gloves. This yarn has a little bit of haze adding to its appeal.

Luxury Soft DK
51% nylon, 25% wool, 24% acrylic
Reg. $5.00
75% off 

Buy it all and have a very inexpensive, beautiful gift!

Written by Anne, as I enjoy my stash yarns for gifting this year! (All purchased in store)

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