Monday, December 30, 2019

End of a decade - End of an era - Transition of a dream . . .

The first customer in the store last Saturday, commented "it is so sad to see the brick and mortar closing - it is the end of an era". They were so relieved to hear Lori (aka The Crafty Lady) is going to transition to an on-line store and then transition to a pop-up store.

Continue to follow The Crafty Lady on Facebook at  Lori will be informing friends and customers where she will be - when. You can/and will continue to be able to message her on Facebook and order from the on-line store

Shopping in the basement of Home Hardware when Lori first opened The Crafty Lady was a great time for my children.

There were model and paint kits, construction sets and YARN!

My daughter always spent her allowance in the ribbons and trims section.

When Lori expanded and moved into the Main street location, she added new and different products including pergamano and quilling supplies. She has had paper tole; rosemaling; artists supplies - brushes, canvas, frames and paints; beading tools and supplies as well as stitching supplies. She had more room, but no storage. I was always surprised when a customer would feel the single ball in a dye lot, then open the full bag underneath and take 1 from the new dye lot? ? Really ? ?

I have a good friend who has given me a number of beautiful quilled pieces, she purchased many of her supplies here.

About 18 months ago, we transitioned from Main Street to Main Avenue (Hwy 12), changing inventory on a regular basis over the 25 years The Crafty Lady has been in business.

My daughter still embroiders pillowcases. This set only took her about 10 years, as every two or three stitches she had to change colours or the blend. Like many crafty people, she would pick it up and work on these for a week or two, get really frustrated and put them away for a couple of months. Then repeat the process. I really appreciate the work/dedication which goes into every set. 

I also really appreciate the commitment Lori has shown to our crafty customers over the years as the store has evolved. Lori and family have been involved in the community since they moved to Lacombe.

The Crafty Lady has been a teacher to so many wonderful people over the years. If you have not learned something today, just come in for a couple of hours and I suspect (bet) you will learn something.  Margaret and I have been told Lori may continue to do lessons as time allows, just message her on Facebook or e-mail her, she will meet you for coffee and a lesson.

After the store closes Knit Night will continue!!! When a friend first tried to talk me into coming to Knit Night - quite honestly I was not a fan of the concept - More Fool Me! Now it is one the highlights of my week - and what happens at Knit Night STAYS at Knit Night 😉😉

There will be 5 Knit Nights before the store closes - 🙋 Join us . . .

As The Crafty Lady transitions, the sale is on-going! We ARE accepting special orders on yarns The Crafty Lady will be continuing to carry.

Just a reminder we will be closed at 4 p.m. on New Year's Eve and closed all New Year's Day. Celebrate safely so we can see each other in the new year! 

May 2020 bring ongoing success to The Crafty Lady as we transition into a new decade!

Written by Anne, Wishing everyone a Safe, Healthy, Happy New Year!🎆🎆

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