Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Sirdar Yarns!

We have two new yarns. One thinks it's an animal, and the other one can't decide what it is.

Husky (65 m $7.00)

Top Row: Misty, Bluff
Bottom Row: Flecky, Waffle, Eskie
Waffle up close.
This is a super chunky (6) made up of 87% acrylic and 13% nylon. It's nice and soft. All the colours are spotted naturals. Three in the brown/tan range and two in the black/grey.

Although it's called Husky it reminds me more of kittens. Either way, a really nice yarn for cowls, scarves and hats or a big cuddly sweater. Let this be the yarn to bring out the animal in you. Or start you purring. It has purrsonality. Some might say it's purrfect. It certainly has purrsibilities. Okay, I'll stop.

Top: Paradiso, Fortuna
Middle: Florentine, Frencesca
Bottom: Lucia, Esther

Divine (150 m  $9.00)

Fortuna up close.
This is the yarn that is embracing its multiple personality disorder. It's 72% polyester and 28% acrylic. Ravelry says it's a DK (3). Sirdar says it's an Aran (4). It's thick and thin so I guess it's both. There's metallic running through its fluffy fibers and its colours are variegated.

This yarn looks like so much fun to knit up because each stitch is going to be different. It calls for a simple pattern - fancy stitches will get lost. Just let the yarn do all the work while you knit it watching TV, making dinner, learning a language or doing an aerobics class.

Esther up close.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus happy employee who can easily find projects for these yarns. Like I need more projects.

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