Friday, July 24, 2015

The Manos Hat

Is it just me or do her eyes look uneven? Like maybe she had a little too much fun on the town the previous night.

Okay, let's get past the eyes. Here's the Manos hat I made. It didn't take very long. It's made from Manos Wool Classica Naturals color number 704 Red.

The pictures make it look like there are shades of brown in it, but it's just a deeper burgundy.

Manos del Uruguay is a pure wool kettle dyed yarn. I would say it's a chunky yarn. One skein at 126 meters did the hat.

We have the yarn in several colors at $19.00.

I used a free pattern from the Manos site. It's the Affinity Hat.

Lori showed me a ribbed cast on that involved doing figure eights and which I probably can't replicate without some help and some chocolate.  The cables in the hat were done without a cable needle. That I can do again on my own although it can be a little tricky to not drop stitches.

But the most important thing, is that it was fun.

The hat looks better in person than in these pictures. Does that sound like bragging?

I guess the fact that I'm posting this is bragging.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus happy employee who knits hats for the store as part of her job.

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