Monday, July 18, 2016

Celebrate Lacombe Days / Christmas in July Sale and Why We're All Upside Down and Backwards

If you've been to the store lately you might have noticed that things have gone a little wonky.

You know how it is, you change one thing in your home and that means you have to change something else.

Or you start moving the furniture around in the living room and then you decide that the chair from the spare room would look lovely in the corner and then you need the little table in that other bedroom to put by the chair so you can have a lamp and a place to put a cup of tea, and the cabinet in the living room would be better in the dining room and before you know it the whole house is topsy turvy.

Several weeks ago, Lori and her mother built a badly needed office/storage room. You'll notice it when you first come in. Not only does it serve as intended, hiding a lot of things that customers don't need to see, but it also provided more wall space - those knitting needles have more room to stretch out and the button wall is right where you can see it when  you come in.

But the other result is that we can't see the till or very much of the store from the sitting area. We need to be able to do that so that customers aren't standing at the till waiting for us while we blissfully knit away. That means moving the sitting area to the middle of the store.

Added to that a lot of our yarns have been discontinued causing Lori to look for new distributors and new yarns. So she decided that while we were at it, we should just organize the yarn according to weight. The end result will be when you come into the store and you're looking for double knitting yarn, we can direct you to where all the dk yarn is.

Since I started working here I've had a nightmare that one little push on one of our yarn towers from a well meaning customer - or their child -  would cause the entire store to have a domino effect (if you've ever seen "The Mummy" you would understand what I mean). Of course this would happen on Lori's lunch hour and she would come back to me standing in the chaos. Which I guess would be funny to see happen if you didn't work here.

Lori is changing those walls of yarn to square, sturdy, holders on wheels. No more dominos!

Every morning that I come in, it's changed. Yarns that were over here, are now over there. I don't try to memorize where everything is, since it will change tomorrow.

One day (we're hoping by Lacombe Days) this will all be done and everything will be in it's rightful place.

In the meantime, we are still open, here to serve you. It's just that if you ask us where something is, we'll have to hunt for it together and call out Marco Polo to each other.

Okay the sale for this week is


Well, not really. It's just that we won't have our weekly sale. Instead we're having our annual Lacombe Days Sidewalk Sale. What that means is that instead of having one yarn on sale all week, we'll have a plethora of yarns to choose from at great discounts.

But I promise, next week it's business as usual.

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