Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Part Two - Change is Good!!

Yes, at this time I can definitely say the changes The Crafty Lady is making are Great (in my opinion - and not just because she is standing behind me or that she is my employer)!

In reply to yesterday's blog, a reader asked if there would be a frequent shopper rewards program replacing the points?

YES! If you are in our system, the new rewards program is even simpler and more immediate. All existing and new customers added to the system will receive a 1% discount at the till at time of purchase automatically. If you are carrying your bag, at the time of purchase (or purchase a Crafty Lady bag for $3.00) you will receive 5% off at the till.

I am beginning to wonder how my sanity is after 3 days of constant change. Every-time we learn a new skill on the computer program, we have to find a better report to include this information while still conserving paper. When we started we could only print on 8.5" x 11" paper, so every receipt for every customer (and a copy for the accountant) was on letter sized paper. Then we were able to install the new till printer! Hooray!! Smaller receipts, easier to file for us and we learned we could print sales information on the till printer!! Hooraay!! It gets easier and easier.

Then . . .  we sold out of the Hap'i during store hours on Monday and I learned a new Crafty Lady rule "If we sell out of the 75% Off Sale before the doors close on the Monday - we must offer a different product for 75% off."

So sorry, we can no longer try to make our customers Hap'i. We are now offering:
Big Softie
51% wool / 49% acrylic; 45 m/50 gram ball
Was $5.50
75% Off

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  1. Yep, that's the rule we implemented when we started the 75% off thing. It was so everyone would have a chance. Especially when you get people who come in at 10 in the morning and buy out everything.