Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Don't Be Fooled...

Cranna Lake, Lacombe, AB
Autumn, 2016
Despite the fact that it's sunny and around 20° C here as I write this -- with a forecast high in the mid-to-high twenties by later today -- Autumn is in the air!  According to The Weather Network -- for this part of the world at least -- these sort of temps will begin to moderate mid-month and, if history is any indication, we'll be having highs reaching only the mid-teens, with lows dipping down near or all the way to fr-r-r-reezing within the next couple of weeks.

"Already?!" you ask.

"So soon?!"

Yep; so soon.  The days are already shortening, and sometimes one has to restart the furnace just to take the chill off the house before that first cup of coffee kicks in...

Cuddle Cushion (knit)
Designer: Torya Winters
Binnacle Watch Cap (crochet)
Designer: Cathy Dipierro
It's time to get something on your needles or hook.

Something cozy.

Something easy.

Something to while away the longer evenings; something to show love to a young 'un waiting for the school bus on a frosty morning or making a nest for the first time in a college dorm room.

Something to take the edge off the fact that Labour Day shut the patio doors and opened wide the class rooms...

Something with a bit of wool for the warmth synthetics alone don't always give...Something like this week's Super Special ...

Chunky with Wool
80% Acrylic
20% Wool
145 metres (159 yards)
per 100 gram ball

Regular Price: $7.00
75% OFF!
Sale Price: $1.75

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