Monday, December 4, 2017

Turkish Delight

In most of Canada, December through February (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) means snow and ice.  Snow-skiing and ice-skating.  Hockey and hot chocolate.

In Turkey?  Not so much!  

According to Wikipedia, Turkey's weather is strongly influenced by its proximity to several large bodies of water, including the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean.  This means that while there may be some snowfall in elevated areas, it doesn't add up to much and it doesn't last long.  Mostly the climate is either warm and wet or cooler and damp, depending on the time of year.

But Turkey does have ice.  Ice Yarns that is.  Head-quartered in Istanbul, the company makes a variety of yarns under the Ice brand name...and many of them are wool or wool blends.

And it's one of those woolly yarns that we're bringing to your attention this week as our Super Sale feature.

Hand-dyed Wool Cord is a thick, sturdy yarn, 100% wool -- perfect for a felted project, or for a pair of  hard-wearing slippers.  It's not only hand-dyed, but dyed using only plant dyes -- no chemicals -- which means interesting colour combinations and perhaps the odd 'white' spot under the ties used to hold each skein together.

At this price, you could make a pair of Holiday Slipper Socks for each member of the family -- perfect for keeping your toes toasty while you open gifts (still in your PJs of course!) or relax by the fire with a cuppa cocoa and a new book...

So do drop in this week to checkout our selection of this Turkish delight...

Hand-dyed Wool Cord
100 grams
100% Wool
100 metres (109 yards)
Regular Price: $16.00

Sale Price: $4.00

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