Thursday, December 21, 2017

We made it!

YES! We made it through Christmas !!

Did you get all of your projects finished in time to put under the tree? I DID NOT!

I told my family this year is an IOU Christmas. I got involved in other projects and committees and to put it very simply ran out of energy and time.

I am a little older (and hopefully wiser) and I made the decision to give my children, grandchildren and great-grand-children either a store-bought Christmas gift or an IOU 😍.

As there was something for everyone in their stockings and the youngest grandchild is 12 - there were no tears or temper tantrums. Everyone wanted to spend time visiting, skating and going for walks.  The focus was on spending time together and catching up.

My husband and I even went so far to have request everyone contribute to Christmas Dinner! Heresy! What a concept! I have a sneaky suspicion my daughter-in-laws almost appreciated being requested to bring something for the table. They all seemed very willing to help, some even helped with the dishes (we do not have a mechanical dishwasher).

The end result is I now have a better idea on what everyone would like: cowl, toque, finger-less gloves, mitts with gloves inside (very warm - and I have an easy pattern), socks and/or afghan.

For most of December The Crafty Lady (aka Lori) has been receiving long awaited shipments of yarn - both re-stocking favorites and brand-new lines!! So this has been part of her gift to all who shop here.

As we receive new yarns, something has to go into the sale section - which The Crafty Lady has JUST re-stocked. There are several interesting, wonderful and exciting yarns now on sale for 25% off.  This is the time to come in to replenishing your carefully curated collection (aka stash) and plan for new projects. Come in and save me from myself, Please . . .

This leads to this week's 75% Off Special which may or may not reduce your stress . . . this very flexible, 100% acrylic yarn could be used for any number projects.

ICE Yarns

Reg. $7.00
75% OFF

 Lori, Margaret and I wish you and yours Health, Joy and Peace in 2018

Posted by Anne, happy TCL employee

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