Monday, January 29, 2018

Baby, It's Cold Out There

Whether you quilt, knit, crochet, work with wood, leather or metal - no one is offended when you want to go home to create something beautiful, made with love that will outlast anything purchased in a store.

The Weather Network was good enough to inform me as of the weekend - we are headed into at least two weeks of negative high temperatures. If the weatherman is correct the warmest day will be Feb. 9 with a high temperature of -7. They are also predicting several days of no sunshine. Very typical February weather in Alberta - great weather for curling up with a ball of yarn!

Currently my husband is home with a fever, as a result of a root canal. I NEED my knitting to create  much needed sanity. 

I have one sweater I am inches away from finishing, one waiting to start and two I need to take apart and redo part of - so it fits. Isn't it interesting when you work on a sweater, including doing a gauge swatch, and the back is so big it goes all the way around. It would be okay if it was intended that way, but it is a Chanel style fitted sweater  . . . so I will have to take out the seams and re-do the whole back as it is worked from the bottom up. To make it even more frustrating, the shoulders fit nicely.

As many of us are - I am trying to finish at least one "in progress project" before I start another one - even though the new sweater is in gorgeous colours and wonderful yarns and even in a new pattern  . . . what a wonderful dilemma to have (as long as I get all of them finished before spring).

So I am actually looking forward to cooler weather so I can hide. A week ago, I was walking down by Gull Lake and saw pussy-willows in bud. This cold weather is not going to be good for them. A disturbing fact is - No snow/precipitation is forecast during this cold spell. Notice the blue sky and no wind - it was a wonderful day for a walk.

Many of our customers are coming in looking for chunky yarns for their projects. We have had four or five customers this week alone purchasing yarn for blankets or afghans. The coming cold spell is a great time to work on project as it warms your lap as you work on it! There are many blessings to knitting/quilting/crocheting items. This week's 75% off sale is only going to help you create something beautiful and warm . . . .

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Posted by Anne, who is one of the people who is saying I need to finish one more before I start a new project - can I do it?

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