Monday, January 8, 2018

Orphaned and abandoned . . .

All of the orphaned and abandoned yarn has found new homes - at really great sale prices. Thanks to our loyal customers, who can recognize a good yarn at a "Great Price".

Several customers have commented the Weekly Special is a really great deal - which it is ONLY if you do something with it!😁 If you simply add it to the stash in the corner it is not so much a "great deal" as an addition to your carefully curated collection.

Speaking of our "stash", if you are sorting through your stash and come across acrylic worsted weight yarns you have set aside repeatedly, please bring it in to The Crafty Lady. We have several seniors who will knit and crochet it into Blanket for Canada. These blankets are donated to the needy. The seniors are very adept and will happily work with yarn from your stash, in whatever colours you care to donate. It is too early for spring cleaning, but as you work on your "unfinished" projects, curled up on the couch - please consider donating the acrylic yarns you will not use.

Was your New Year's Resolution to reduce your stash and/or finishing/re-working some of your on-hold projects? We had a customer in late last week, who made this resolution in January 2017. She is using a knitting machine to make blankets for the needy. She thought she was making good progress until she found three large tubs in her storage shed. As a result, she is continuing to work on last year's resolution.

In Years Gone By, we all made resolutions - the most often being to lose weight, quit smoking or other forms of self-improvement. The current era seems to be much less focused on resolutions based on a specific date, tending to make lifestyle changes.

Speaking specifically for myself, I start projects when I am stressed, make a mistake or don't like the way it is turning out, it gets put on hold. Often it sits there for years. Working here does not help, as I purchase more yarn than I am using. The redeeming factor is I am getting more projects finished in less time, as the incentive to start the next one is in front of me every day, with new yarns arriving almost weekly.

To complete some of those "on-hold" projects adding a highlight or contrast is a way to change the look or the yarns. This week's 75% Off Sale fits right into this category. This yarn is a super bulky, Italian soft wool blend with a hypoallergenic poly-acrylic micro-fibre. Ottawa can be washed on delicate cycle in cold water, dried flat.
by DMC Nordic Sport
50 gm = 32 m
Reg. $6.00
75% Off

Posted by Anne, who appreciates well crafted items - as they are crafted with love

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