Monday, April 30, 2018

Moving from Main Street to "Main Street"

As Central Albertans, we tease Red Deer about not knowing which direction streets and avenues are supposed to run. If you hadn't noticed it before, they are the only city in Alberta that has avenues running north and south.

That being said, a pet peeve of mine is that
- even though The Crafty Lady is on Main Street (50th Street) in Lacombe, and
- because everybody and their dog calls Highway 12 (50th Avenue) "Main Street",
- everybody who reads my print advertising knows The Crafty Lady is on Main Street and
- still has trouble finding the store because it's apparently on a side road (?).

So I am going to make it easier for everyone.
This spring The Crafty Lady is moving from 5009-50th Street to 5006-50 Avenue.
- right beside the CIBC bank.
-directly across from the Flatiron building.

I know you will have questions.
Will we be closed for a short time while we move?
Will there be moving sales?!
All I can tell you is subscribe to this blog and/or like our Facebook page if you would like to be kept up to date on our progress or any other related information.

In the meantime, just know we'll have plenty of space for sidewalk sales, a great view for the Celebrate Lacombe Days parade, and we'll still have room for our Knit Night couches so you'll be able to join us on Thursday evenings for a bit of coffee, treats and conversation!

Written by Lori, happy TCL owner who has a penchant for changing things up this time of year, just not usually THIS much!