Monday, May 14, 2018

It's All a Mystery

This blog post very nearly didn't get written.

It's like this.

For the last week or ten days, yours truly -- Margaret (this week's Designated Writer) has been participating in a Murder Mystery Knit Along (MMKAL) on Ravelry.

"Addition by Subtraction" by name.

I've been completely smitten with it.  It's a wonder I've managed to show up for work at The Crafty Lady.  Or to do my laundry or dishes.  Or to make my bed, feed the cat and water the plants.  Or to do any yard work, buy groceries, eat, sleep, shower, change clothes or show up for church.

Yes, dear readers, I've got "it" that bad.

Knitting has long been associated with mysteries, and the solving thereof.  Perhaps Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (shown here played by Geraldine McEwan)  is most famous, but authors Maggie Sefton, Sally Goldenbaum, Anne Canadeo, Monica Ferris, Peggy Ehrhart and others have put on Christie's mantle over the years.  And of course, there's a multiplicity of non-yarn-crafting sleuths to read about too.

To me, there's nothing that can touch a perfect summer afternoon, stretched out on a garden bench with a mystery story propped in an book stand or coming to me over my headphones while I knit away, cool bevvy at my elbow.  In cooler times of year, switch the garden bench for a love-seat and a quilt, and the bevvy for a hot cuppa and ahhhhh.....Bliss!

No wonder I've been bitten yet again by the MMKAL bug!

And here at The Crafty Lady, of course, we have our own little mystery story running every week.  After all, only the Lady Herself knows what yarn she'll serve up for our Super Special...until she divulges it to the person writing the blog post.  And each of us is sworn to secrecy -- on pain of losing our stitches!!

So...what's it to be this week?!

Sirdar Husky Super Chunky

50 grams = 65 metres (71 yards)
87% Acrylic
13% Nylon/Polyamide

Regular Price: $7.00

Sale Price: $1.75

While it's an ideal yarn for cozy scarves, toques and head-bands, our particular favourite is The Crafty Lady's use of this yarn for the Azel Pullover, designed by Heidi May of Velvet Acorn Designs.  

Come on into the Shop to see the sample -- and see what surprises you might be inspired to create!

*Written by Margaret, happy TCL employee who's working her way through Clue #2...


  1. I LOVE mysteries. Espectially the yarnie kind. Cozies are the best. I even wrote one.