Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Sale You've Been Waiting For!

The deadline is creeping ever closer and there is only so much we want to move.

Because there has been a lot of shuffling within the community of yarn providers (takeovers, retirements, etc.), there are a few (quite a few!) of our products that we will no longer be ordering once we are in our new location. Not only that, but one of The Crafty Lady's retired employees was in for a visit this week and noticed that there are a number of items that are still in the store that were already 'old stock' before she started!

What does that mean for you? It means SALE SIGNS will be popping up all over the store! And it won't be just things you've never heard of. Well-known brand names are on the chopping block! Names like

And what could be better than discounts on brand name yarns? Discounts on the pattern books that use the yarns AND discounts on tools to use with the yarns!! Can you say

Here at the store we love this brand but no longer have a source for their products. :(

I know what you're thinking. Stop stalling! Tell us how much we're going to save on all these wonderful sticks and strings!

Today, May 16, you will save 20% on any item marked with a bright yellow sign (with its name on it). Sale corner items are still 25% off. Please note that they are now spread across the front of the store.

Tomorrow, May 17, that sale price goes to 25% off for both the sale corner items and the specially marked items.

For every following day we are open, the percentage goes up by 5% until May 31 when even the 75% off weekly sale joins in for 80% OFF! Please note that we are closed Sundays and the Monday of the May long weekend (this weekend).

Remember, you are doing us a favour by helping us have less to move, meaning we can move to our new location even faster.

Posted by TCL owner who can't wait for you to see our new location!

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