Monday, November 12, 2018

Whatcha Doin'?

I have no little folks in my life at the moment, but I work with people who do, and have customers who do and friends who do.

They all seem to know how to talk to them, too.  To have fun with them.  Me?  Not so much!  Anyone under the age of eight or ten makes me nervous; I guess I'm just not good at relating -- and I'm not good at all with noise and bounce.  Give me a young person who can carry on a conversation and actually listen -- I'm all over that!

Clearly I'm a Grouchy Old Lady in the making!  😉

That doesn't mean I don't remember some fun stuff from when I was a Little Person.  I remember my first book -- a story about a little girl who got chickens for a gift and with help, took care of them and watched them grow up to produce more chickens!  I had Mummy read it to me so often that eventually I'd memorized the text and thought I was really reading!

I also remember the games my mother played with me -- like bouncing up and down to "Rub-a-dub-dub" when swimming (I later did this with my own kids), or "I Spy with My Own Little Eye..." (ditto with my kids) or this old favourite that I can still reprise when I'm at a loss for words with a small child: "Peek-a-boo! I see you!"

All of these were designed to subtly introduce a child to a new experience, or to teach something.  "Rub-a-dub" was a fun way to experience water and 'swimming' while safely in the arms of an adult.  "I Spy" can be used to teach a child the names of objects, or colours.  And "Peek-a-boo" teaches a very young child that just because you can't see something or someone, doesn't mean it's disappeared forever.  Hidden objects can be found; Mummy and Daddy can go away and come back: it's the concept of 'object permanence'.  Who knew?!

That said, I'm really not sure why Sirdar Yarns named this yarn -- one from it's Snuggly line of acrylic and nylon blends -- "Peekaboo".  Maybe it's because it's designed as a double-knit for baby garments.  Maybe it's  the way it's dyed, with colours that come and go.  Maybe they just thought it was a cute name.

Whatever their reasoning, we're not hiding it from you this week!  Instead, it's front-and-centre as our Super Special of the Week!

Sirdar Snuggly Peekaboo

50 grams = 164 metres (179 yards)
55% Nylon
45% Acrylic

Machine wash on "low"; tumble dry "cool"

Regular Price: $7.50

Sale Price: $1.88!

Now here's the thing.  It's come to our attention that November is NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month).  Aaargh! You might be thinking, "The month's almost half over!" or "I don't have enough yarn in my stash to knit a whole sweater!"

Well...with this week's special, you do -- especially if you a have (or are expecting to have, or know someone who's expecting to have) a Little Person in your life!  If you get to it quickly enough, I can tell you with certainty that there's enough on offer for a small sweater, like this one:

Knitter: LakeEdge on Ravelry
Pattern: "Design G: Boys' Sweaters and Slipover Vest"available on

The maker knit a size to fit a 5 or 6-year old -- and used only four of the five skeins she'd purchased.  There now!  

And yes, we are open on Monday, November 12, for your shopping pleasure.  (The Crafty Lady takes no days 'in lieu' when a holiday falls on a Sunday, a day when were closed anyway.)

So...see you in the shop!  
Or maybe not!  

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