Sunday, February 12, 2023


The Crafty Lady's first indoor market selling finished goods was a success!

Even though I didn't have nearly the stock to set up that I'm used to, it still took most of the two hours before the market opened to get everything just the way I wanted it. (And don't bother commenting on the way my banner is all crumpled on the bottom - The table was too low to actually hang nice.) I will be in the same spot next time (Thursday, Feb 23 3-7pm) and if my 'short people tool' is long enough I will be able to hang the banner from a designated cork border on the wall behind the table. 
Being my first indoor market with finished goods, I had to try to figure out what people would be looking for.

Since it was the Valentine's Day market, I knew I needed to have at least one thematic product so I knit up some Smittens! There are still a couple of each size on the website if you absolutely have to have one (or two). 😉

Since it was also in the middle of winter (still), I also created a number of hats and cowls - some matching, some not. They are also on the website.

And because I know some people have had enough of winter and are looking forward to summer, I brought a collection of ecofriendly water balloons.
Three guesses what my biggest seller was! 🎈🎈🎈

I'll still be bringing the 'wear'ables (minus the smittens) to the next few markets but now I have to create more 'use'ables or at least summer friendly items. I'm open to any suggestions.

So until the next market (Thursday, February 23, 3-7pm) keep your fingers busy - I know I will! - and I'll see you at the market!

Monday, January 30, 2023

February's Valentine Market

I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad blogger. It has been six and a half months (!) since I last wrote a blog. I know I warned you that I wouldn't guarantee consistency but this is bad even for me :/

Needless to say, a lot of things have happened since the window was blown out in my bus door. The glass was replaced but not before the electric door opener quit in protest to the load not feeling quite right.

The remainder of the outdoor markets kept me hopping and the transition to the indoor market at the LMC (Lacombe Memorial Centre) went okay for the first few weeks then all heck broke loose again.

One too many bumpy roads caused three of my ten rolling displays to be damaged beyond repair. I was actually surprised they lasted as long as they did considering I had been using them for a number of years at Creative Stitches / Creativ Festival in both Edmonton and Calgary.

Not only that, but my reason for doing the Farmer's Markets has always been to drive business to my online store. Don't get me wrong, I love interacting with my customers face to face but my online store is 24/7 shopping; my in person presence is a few hours a week in different locations. I was finding that most customers preferred to wait until they saw me the following week (or longer) than take advantage of ordering for pickup - either at my place or at the market.

I took that as a sign that I should probably change things up. My online store will continue to exist - for now - but it will be morphing into something new or it may be migrating to a social media platform. I'm not quite sure yet. What I do know is that my Market presence will now be a lot smaller (a vendor's table or two) and the table will be covered in finished goods (!) I know! something I said I would never do! You will still be able to order everything that is available through the online store right there at the table and pick it up, prepaid, at the following market or at my place if you need it sooner.

Because this will be my first 'finished goods' market table, there won't be the large variety of products that you will find on other tables, but you will know that they will be made from the high quality raw goods that you have come to expect from my store. And, of course, all patterns will be my own personal patterns, some of them new enough that they may not even be published yet!

I look forward to seeing all of you at the market and tell your friends to come celebrate Valentine's Day a little early with us!

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Before and After

 After this Friday’s events, I was afraid the mobile store would be out of commission for about two weeks. For those of you who have not been following on Facebook, the glass in my front passenger door met an untimely death when a piece of gravel came flying at it. Thankfully, neither rock nor glass came anywhere near the driver’s seat or yarn but it did make its way under the book wall into the bag storage area.

Of course this all happened the day that Rogers decided to go down so, even though I am with a different provider, I was in the middle of a dead zone when this happened. I slowly drove back to town, hazard lights flashing away, to take care of insurance and quotes to replace the glass. By the time I made it home, however, my (down east) provider’s office was already closed for the weekend. Here’s hoping I hear from them Monday. I also waited until Saturday to get quotes for glass replacement and guess who’s closed on the weekends.

Since I really didn’t want to wait until the door is permanently fixed before getting back out on the road, Mom and I did a little shopping after church, found an appropriately sized piece of plexiglass, and (with the help of a neighbour with a table saw- thx TE) gave an almost invisible makeover to the door. Hopefully this will do until insurance kicks in and the permanent fix happens.

So YAY I will be back to the regular schedule right away on Monday expecting to answer lots of questions from those of you who do follow me on Facebook. Until then, be careful out there! You never know when a random rock is going to give you a weekend off!

Monday, June 13, 2022

A Tale of Three Markets


This past week I attended my first Bashaw Farmer's Market. What a beautiful spot, surrounded by trees, and all the customers got to walk on the grass. My first official customer was one of my former employees so we got to catch up on things IRL (for those of you who don't do shorthand that means "in real life") instead of just on Facebook which was refreshing.

I also made the decision this week that I will only be attending Ponoka once a week and that will be on Monday evenings at the Community Market at the old library 3-7pm. For those of you who could only attend the Wednesday morning Farmer's Market 10-1pm, I do apologize, but I'm out here doing the rounds to make money, not just socialize.

And, finally, I am really looking forward to the Innisfail Market on Main starting next Tuesday, June 21 3-7pm. I hope to see a few faces that have been missing me (and vice versa) because I know I have a few Innisfail and area customers in my database.

And, of course, I'm looking forward to seeing everybody rain or shine this coming week.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Changes ... Always More Changes

Some changes are voluntary, others are necessary and yet others are imposed upon you.

Take the past and current months for example.

While I was thoroughly enjoying the market at New Serepta, travelling there was taking a toll on my yarn displays so I have chosen not to travel there anymore. Cost/benefit analysis has me considering opting out of the Wednesday Farmer's Market at the Ponoka Legion. These changes are voluntary. (I will keep you posted about my Ponoka decision.)

One of the necessary changes took place last Tuesday and will be taking place again this Tuesday (while I can) before I start the Farmer's Market on Main in Innisfail next week. Because of the earthquakes encountered while travelling to and from New Serepta, I tore apart the upper shelves on the passenger side of the bus and secured them directly to the bus frame. No falling apart now! Tomorrow I do the same thing on the driver's side. So, in case you didn't catch it - I already have a new market for Tuesdays - Innisfail June 21- Sept 13 3-7pm. Make sure you come visit the bus there!

The 'imposed upon' change comes with the Ponoka Farmer's market at the Legion. It seems the Legion booked the venue for someone else this Wednesday (June 8) and July 6 so there will be no markets then.

In the meantime, continue to enjoy petting the yarn at the other markets I attend, including Bashaw, starting this week 4-7pm!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Five Months to Pet the Yarn!


That's right!

From the middle of May to the middle of September you can choose from eight different times and/or locations to get your hands on the yarn because this week includes all my locations this year.

Unfortunately it seems like Facebook wants to hold onto my pre-market videos until the next day for most viewers. Haven't figured that one out yet so make sure to refer back to my April 25th blog post to get the dates and times for the market(s) closest to you.

Written by Lori, TCL owner, who hopefully won’t be stripped of all her energy with this schedule ;)

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Easing Into It

Saturday's spring market was a roaring success! Thanks to all the customers that checked out the new digs for the first time. I know all my Lacombe customers will be taking advantage of both market days in the coming season.

Thankfully, for me, I get one two-market week followed by a four-market week before we get into full gear in the third week of May. I don't yet know what the wifi connection will be like for the two new locations so please be prepared with cash just in case the card machine chooses not to work.

Because of the new vehicle and layout this year, I keep making discoveries every time I've been out so far this season. Besides finding increasingly better ways to secure the yarn for travel, I've discovered that my A-frame sign loves to hang out bungeed to my front mirror without trying to take off in the wind. I don't need the inside lights on all the time if I have the lift doors open, and BONUS, I have a really great place to hang another sign! Even better, I don't have to remove the sign to operate the lift! Woohoo! Depending on the weather, I may even have some more tricks up my sleeve. Make sure to come visit me to find out what they are. 😉

written by Lori, TCL owner, who's really looking forward to the coming season and hopes you are too!