Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall is in the air . . .

I am a barefoot or sandal person. I wear closed shoes when it is too cold/wet - ONLY. This past week there have been a number of pictures of snow in Alberta on The Weather Network and Facebook.

One day last fall when I was taking my dogs for a walk, it started to rain. My son looked at me very skeptically and said "Setting a good example for the grandchildren? Why are you walking in flip flops in the rain." I just shrugged. It might have been better if I had gone back at that point and put on something else. When I got home about an hour later, it was snowing and I was very cold. Note: I did have a warm coat on. I had to go out to the garage for the box of shoes and boots.

Trying to be wiser this year, I have already asked my husband to bring in the boxes of boots and shoes.

Yesterday my husband added to the sense of changing seasons, when he mentioned there are less than 100 days to Christmas. Are these positive ways to add stress to a person who wants to make a number of gifts for loved ones this fall? I know I am an optimist when I consistently estimate the amount of time required to make most things. Adding insult to injury, I come to work and watch Lori create things in a couple of days  . . .  and the things she creates are beautiful. It often takes her longer to write the pattern for her creations than to create the item.

Back to the weather, the forecast for next week says flip-flops may be wearable, maybe not. There was frost on the windshields Saturday morning. So I wore sandals!

The leaves are turning colours, the sun is setting earlier - we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Indian Summer. Is it just me or do we get the best sunsets in the fall? Yesterday, we were out visiting friends, and I noticed there are a number of fields with bales sitting in them ready for pick-up. This to me is one of the iconic fall scenes in Alberta.

So all that being said, last week's special of Comfort and Carefree was a great deal. This week's special is Ice - not the slippery, fall down and break something ice, but a beautiful Ice yarn named Tweed.

30% Wool 70% Acrylic 50 gm 
Reg. $4.00
75% Off

Submitted by Anne, a person who loves the fall - it is one of the most beautiful seasons

Monday, September 11, 2017

Comfy and Carefree

What's your knitting or crochet style?

Do you stress out, tense up and clutch your hook or needles in a death grip?

Or are you laid back, relaxed, comfortable and carefree about your chosen yarn-craft?

There are crafters who turn knitting into a full-body workout by using their entire arm to bring the yarn around the needles, and there are those who control it briskly with the tip of a forefinger.

There are some who are left-handed, some who are right-handed, and some who are ambidextrous.

There are knitters whose habits find them unintentionally twisting stitches, giving their work an interesting texture.

There are some who want instant gratification from their craft, so they work with large hooks or needles and bulky yarn, and some who knit fine lace and socks simply to take as long as possible to savour the process.
Whatever your yarn-crafting habits, we know you all love to squeeze, fondle and work with yarn: wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, linen, acrylic, solitary fibres or blends, solid, variegated or self-striping...It's all good!

And now that cooler, shorter days are upon us, it's time to get into cozy, comfy, carefree projects.  We'd like to help you do that with this week's Super Special...Two yarns that aren't too bulky -- but aren't too thin, are soft to handle but sturdy to wear.  Comfy and carefree!

Diamond Yarn's
SELECT Comfort Chunky
40% Superwash Wool
40% Acrylic
20% Alpaca
50 metres (55 yards) per 50 grams

Regular Price: $4.50

Sale Price: $1.13
75% Off!

Diamond Yarn's
SELECT Carefree Chunky
70% Acrylic
30% Wool
55 metres (60 yards) per 50 grams

Regular Price: $4.50
75% Off!
Sale Price: $1.13

Thursday, September 7, 2017

While the Cat's Away...

It's Show Time!  CreativFestival is back in the West again this year, and September 8 and 9 you can visit Lori, Anne and Lori's mom, Muriel, at The Crafty Lady booth in Sherwood Park's Millennium Place. 

There's a whole raft of fantastic demos and classes for those who sew, quilt, weave, spin, hook rugs, embroider, felt -- and knit!  Yes -- in the Edmonton venue only, our Lori has returned to teaching this year, focusing on fun techniques in small projects that are portable and quick-to-finish, including short rows and entrelac.  See the Festival brochure's pages 17 and 18 for full descriptions of her classes, which run both Friday and Saturday!

But wait?!  Who's minding the store?!

Margaret's been left there all alone...and it's her birthday...

Not just any birthday, either -- a MILESTONE birthday!

What's a yarn-lovin', sock-knittin' gal to do, left all alone to mind the store?
Alone on her Big Birthday?

Have a Birthday Sale, of course!

Friday and Saturday ONLY -- Sept. 8 & 9...

Can't make it to the Show up north? 
Want to start your Holiday knitting with something fine and fancy for socks, gloves, mittens, shawls?

Come to the shop, give Margaret a Birthday Hug and pick up a skein of

Diamond Yarn's
Soxy Lady

60% Wool
20% Alpaca
20% Nylon
400 metres (437 yards)
per 100 gram skein

Regular Price: $18.00
25% OFF!
Sale Price: $13.50

September 8 and 9!
There's a wide variety of colours,
but when it's gone, it's gone!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Don't Be Fooled...

Cranna Lake, Lacombe, AB
Autumn, 2016
Despite the fact that it's sunny and around 20° C here as I write this -- with a forecast high in the mid-to-high twenties by later today -- Autumn is in the air!  According to The Weather Network -- for this part of the world at least -- these sort of temps will begin to moderate mid-month and, if history is any indication, we'll be having highs reaching only the mid-teens, with lows dipping down near or all the way to fr-r-r-reezing within the next couple of weeks.

"Already?!" you ask.

"So soon?!"

Yep; so soon.  The days are already shortening, and sometimes one has to restart the furnace just to take the chill off the house before that first cup of coffee kicks in...

Cuddle Cushion (knit)
Designer: Torya Winters
Binnacle Watch Cap (crochet)
Designer: Cathy Dipierro
It's time to get something on your needles or hook.

Something cozy.

Something easy.

Something to while away the longer evenings; something to show love to a young 'un waiting for the school bus on a frosty morning or making a nest for the first time in a college dorm room.

Something to take the edge off the fact that Labour Day shut the patio doors and opened wide the class rooms...

Something with a bit of wool for the warmth synthetics alone don't always give...Something like this week's Super Special ...

Chunky with Wool
80% Acrylic
20% Wool
145 metres (159 yards)
per 100 gram ball

Regular Price: $7.00
75% OFF!
Sale Price: $1.75

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Part Two - Change is Good!!

Yes, at this time I can definitely say the changes The Crafty Lady is making are Great (in my opinion - and not just because she is standing behind me or that she is my employer)!

In reply to yesterday's blog, a reader asked if there would be a frequent shopper rewards program replacing the points?

YES! If you are in our system, the new rewards program is even simpler and more immediate. All existing and new customers added to the system will receive a 1% discount at the till at time of purchase automatically. If you are carrying your bag, at the time of purchase (or purchase a Crafty Lady bag for $3.00) you will receive 5% off at the till.

I am beginning to wonder how my sanity is after 3 days of constant change. Every-time we learn a new skill on the computer program, we have to find a better report to include this information while still conserving paper. When we started we could only print on 8.5" x 11" paper, so every receipt for every customer (and a copy for the accountant) was on letter sized paper. Then we were able to install the new till printer! Hooray!! Smaller receipts, easier to file for us and we learned we could print sales information on the till printer!! Hooraay!! It gets easier and easier.

Then . . .  we sold out of the Hap'i during store hours on Monday and I learned a new Crafty Lady rule "If we sell out of the 75% Off Sale before the doors close on the Monday - we must offer a different product for 75% off."

So sorry, we can no longer try to make our customers Hap'i. We are now offering:
Big Softie
51% wool / 49% acrylic; 45 m/50 gram ball
Was $5.50
75% Off

Posted by Anne, a Big Softy, grandma, great-grandma and happy knitter

Monday, August 28, 2017

Change is good . . . ummm . . . Maybe

The Crafty Lady and her staff had a most interesting week as a new software till program was installed.

On behalf of all of us here at The Crafty Lady, we would like to say
We have had a bit of a steep learning curve. There are many bonuses to our new software and a few challenges. We will no longer be collecting points - as this software does not allow us to. All current customers will have their points converted to an in-store discount. The conversion will take a some time, as Lori points out "We have over 6,000 existing customers and we must do each one manually."

Again, thank you - we do appreciate your understanding and patience.

When the program was first installed, we had a hiccup with Visa - we have resolved this issue with three phone calls to our support line. Finding all the products and bar codes, as well as learning where to look for various reports, well let's just say - that may take a little longer.

The patience and support of all customers to-date, has been little short of awesome. Everyone has been so understanding.

One change we are not making is to stop the 75% Off Weekly Sale, and this week we hope to make some of our customers Hap'i . . .

100% Tanguis Cotton/132 yards
Reg. $10.00
75% Off
Posted by Anne, happy employee who is Hap'i with the changes - and looking forward to seeing all our customers

Monday, August 21, 2017


This world is a colourful place, and (for the most part) people love colour.  We colour our hair, we colour our bodies, we wear colour (even if you have a zebra wardrobe, don't tell me you don't have a pop of bright red, a slice of orange, a zing of yellow, a gem of purple or a wave of turquoise in there somewhere among the fifty shades of black-and-white!)  

And we love to create with colour, to whit...

Woman in a Garden - Claude Monet, painter - 1867

Duet #4 - Carol Bryer Fallert-Gentry ,
art quilter - 2015 

'Memory Blanket' - Georgie Nicolson;
knitting designer - 'tikkiknits'

This week The Crafty Lady, in its ongoing efforts to bring beauty, colour and comfort to the world (or at least our corner of it!), offers you three -- count 'em! -- three 'Super Sale' opportunities to make it even easier for you to create something colourful.  We have 3 yarns -- in 1 colour each -- suitable for cozy hats, scarves, cowls,'s up to your imagination.

Kodiak from Berroco
Regular Price: $19.00
Sale Price: $4.75
114 metres (125 yards) per 50 grams
64% Alpaca
21% Nylon/Polyamide
15% Wool
12 stitches = 4" on 6.5 mm needles

Sundae from Berroco
Regular Price: $13
Sale Price: $3.25
57 metres (62 yards) per 100 grams
50% wool, 50% acrylic
10-11 stitches = 4" on 9 - 10 mm needles


Classic Shades Big Time
from Universal Yarns
Regular Price: $18
Sale Price: 4.50
78 metres (85 yards) per 150 grams
6 - 11 stitches = 4" on 8 - 15 mm needles
or on 9 - 19 mm crochet hooks

Note: colours in above photos do not reflect colours of the yarns on sale.
No pre-orders -- no returns -- and once they're gone, they're gone!

Posted by Margaret, happy TCL employee whose work and  stashes carefully curated textile collections ensure that she lives a colourful life!