Monday, June 10, 2019

Snugglin' into Summer Time

Did you get snow this week?

Here in Central Alberta we've been experiencing near-drought conditions (with a side of Concern About Full-on Drought), so when it began to rain pour the other night, the moisture was most welcome. turned to wet snow for the better part of a day!  The worst snowfall was in the Rockies and Foothills, of course, where it made travel nigh on impossible...but it surprised us all by reaching as far East as it did.

It was time to turn the furnaces back on, and snuggle down under a blanket with some knitting!

Today, our part of the world is a greener place: the sky is blue with scudding clouds and the sun is shining brightly.  All the snow that settled on the grass, gardens and trees has melted into the soil to give the plants a much-needed drink -- and where I am, there appears to be no snow damage.

Even better, all the bug bits on my car's windshield have been washed clean away!

Margaret's Outdoor Studio, Aprill 2018
But it's still a bit on the cool side.  The furnace can't be shut off quite yet.  That said, it's still good weather for yarn craft, preferably wearing a comfy sweater and snuggling under an afghan.  I'm planning on a bowl of soup for lunch and then...knitting under the trees on the bench in my back yard -- with a quilt on my lap for good measure!

It's my way of celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day, which is what June 8th has been designated.

June 8th is also my mother's birthday.  Seeing as she was the one who taught me to knit -- almost 60 years ago now -- it seems only fitting that I honour her by snuggling up with some yarn and a cuppa in the crisp, clear sunshine of an early June day.

Of course, yarn-crafters have no problem cuddling up with yarn pretty much any time of year -- making garments and coverlets of all sorts and sizes, which provide snuggly warmth for folks of all ages.

That's why this week, for her Super Special Sale, The Crafty Lady has chosen to show-case a yarn that's just perfect for the time-honoured tasks that cloak all and sundry with snuggly goodness:

Snuggly 4 ply
from Sirdar Yarns

50 grams = 226 metres (247 yards)
55% Nylon
45% Acrylic

Regular Price: $8.00

Sale Price: $2.00!

Mainly used for baby garments, there are 124 pages (!) of projects on Ravelry that have used this yarn, either alone or in combination with other yarns for items including "not-baby" blankets and even "not-baby" socks!

So...the next time you choose to snuggle with your kiddoes, or with a cat or pup on your lap, or with a book or something good on television, you can be prepared to enjoy whatever you make with this soft, washable yarn.

Now 'scuse me...I'm off for my "Outdoor Studio".  Whether you choose to Knit Inside or In Public today, I'll leave you with this wee ditty to enjoy the next time you have a snuggle...

See you in  The Shop!

*Written by Margaret, who loves to snuggle with yarn every day of the year, no matter the weather!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Knit in public?

Most of the women in my early years - were prolific knitters and crafters. I grew up believing it was totally normal to knit/crochet while waiting at the doctor's office and during group meeting. T was told of the thousands of socks knit (often in church) for servicemen during the 1st and 2nd world wars.

My father walked about a half-mile to work 3 seasons of the year - and would read magazines. He claimed this was the only time he had to read without being interrupted.  This was a total fallacy. He walked the same route and could multi-task. 

I was often teased and questioned "How does your dad walk and read?"  As a child I did not really think about it. Then I was caught walking my dog on the beach and reading.Try it some time, it is not so hard, especially when you meander - not hike. 

So many people expressed concern about my reading while walking - I started knitting. Note: my dog(s) walks off-leash most of the time. I pick up after my dogs and I pick up cigarette butts, broken glass and garbage. Last night's winner was the shredded tire off a small quad. Please tell me why you had to leave it behind? Why could you not take it with you?

I have earned the nickname "she who walks and knits". As most of walking knitting is for charity, I am simply multi-tasking. I get my exercise, fresh air, some knitting and my dogs get to investigate. 

This ramble was prompted by The Crafty Lady's post last Saturday was Knit in Public Day. When I checked Wikipedia, next Saturday, June 8 is Knit in Public Day. Two of the people at Knit Night last Thursday, also believed June 8 is the day.

So if you did not knit in public last Saturday (even if you did) you have a 2nd chance this weekend. Check out World Wide Knit In Public Day (WWKIPDay) on Facebook to confirm!!

In Japan, on WWKIPDay they are Knitting for the Birds - literally. They are going to knit bird nests for an injured bird sanctuary. It always amazes me what you can knit when you think outside the box. 

In New Zealand, they are knitting for Christ Church, and England - Knitting for Peace (for further info:

I was telling a customer I thought I knew how to knit - until I started working here. I have learned so much and am so grateful to The Crafty Lady staff and our customers for being so willing to share their knowledge. The customer commented she thought she could knit until she started knitting socks for her children. 

In the interest of sharing our communal knowledge, please plan an event for June 8. Knit, Crochet, Cross-stitch, Tat, whatever - just do it in public.

We have some chairs here, but you might be more comfortable to bring your own lawn chair, water, etc. We will not be supplying "treats". Please plan on supporting a local independent eatery - there are 8 within easy walking distance!!

What a radical concept, I might not be the only person locally to walk and knit!! Please join me - I am so very lonely 😢

Should I segue into a request for you to reduce your stash, and request your donations to our almost depleted supply of yarn for Blankets for Canada, Inn from the Cold, Ronald McDonald House?

Or should I suggest this week's yarn is something really special? This unusual yarn is unique to the market! This cotton/polyester yarn is mixed with small, white beads; the processing of these requires an expensive production step. The result justifies the effort: a yarn which looks very feminine and elegant and is particularly suitable for fine decorations and accessories.


Schachenmayr Select
69% Cotton. 31% Polyester
Reg. $7.00
75% Off

Posted by Anne, happy crafter who often knits/crochets in public. I know The Crafty Lady, aka Lori would be thrilled if you joined her on June 8. 

Monday, May 27, 2019


By now, perhaps you've figured out that when it's my turn to write the weekly blog post for The Crafty Lady, I try to come up with a topic that ties in with the yarn we're featuring for our Super Special Sale.

This week, our yarn selection inspires me to ask you:

How do you shop?

Are you a Purposeful Purchaser?
  • You shop with a list;
  • You know what you're looking for and won't go for a substitute unless it's a) close to what you need; or b) is on sale at a great discount.
  • You make your buying decision, pay for the item(s) and GO!

Are you a Browser?
  • You wander into the store without specific purchase plans;
  • You browse the wares, observing colours; touching textures; pausing to check prices and sizes.
  • You circle the space once, twice, maybe three times, returning to hover closely over the item(s) that have grabbed most of your attention.
  • Time to you either make note of what you've seen for a later visit (to buy) or you decide to buy then and there, pay for the item, linger...
  • You leave, happy, only to return for another look...
In reality, I think shoppers are "six of a dozen, assorted", as my maternal grandfather was wont to say.  That is, we're all "a bit o' this and a bit o' that".  Sometimes we go shopping with a list, with focus, and with limited resources.  Other times?  Well...perhaps we have a gift card to spend, or a bonus for work well done, an income tax refund or...just more money at the end of the month than we expected.

That means that we can (for at least a short time) abandon Purpose and Practicality in favour of a bit of Whimsy, Spontaneity or Impulsiveness.

For one sweet shining moment we can live in Camelot...and be drifters in the Land of Creativity...

So who are we at The Crafty Lady to stop you in this process?!  

This week we offer you a yarn for those moments when you just want to go with the flow...

Drifter Chunky
from King Cole

100 grams = 155 metres (170 yards)
69% Acrylic
25% Cotton
6% Wool

Regular Price: $9.00

Sale Price: $2.25!

"Don't let it be forgot that once there was a spot
for one brief shining moment
that was known as...

*Written by Margaret, who -- despite best efforts to Stick To Her List -- finds herself drifting toward Camelot every so often...

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Victoria Day?

Why do we have a long weekend in May? Why do we call it Victoria "Day" weekend? History/ tradition or are we celebrating "Spring"? Spring? Really?? as parts of Alberta had snow over the past weekend.

Are you aware we are the ONLY country to celebrate Queen Victoria with an official holiday? Did you know Queen Victoria was the first monarch for the Confederation of Canada. Her birthday was May 24. Canadians have celebrated her birthday since 1845. Victoria Day was officially declared a statutory holiday in 1901, recognizing her as the "Mother of Confederation". 

Federal government protocol dictates that, on Victoria Day, the Royal Union Flag is to be flown from sunrise to sunset at all federal government buildings—including airports, military bases, and other Crown owned property across the country—where physical arrangements allow (i.e. where a second flag pole exists, as the Royal Union Flag can never displace the national flag), quoted from the Alberta Archives, Alberta General Holidays, Government of Alberta Human Services, 2012. 

How interesting! Canadians as one of the youngest nations, we have a long history of affiliation with the monarchy. 

In addition to saluting the then Queen Victoria, celebrations have included parades, full sunset gun salutes, athletic competitions, picnics, "displays of illuminations" (now known as fireworks). 
Some of the events which happened locally include : 
 - Mirror, one community I know of, celebrated with Mirror Days, including a parade and Show 'n Shine
 - Provincial campgrounds were open for the first long weekend of the season
 - Summer Village of Gull Lake had a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday
 - Lincoln Hall had their annual Steak Dinner fundraiser
 - and Ellis Bird Farm officially opened several of their feature attractions over the weekend!!

From a gardeners' manual - plant your garden and annuals on or after the May long weekend. It was a bit cool on Saturday, but Sunday was a better day for planting. 

Tourist season has started, we had our first 2019 tour of Red Hat Ladies in this past weekend -the first group this year that I am aware of. 

As knitting, crochet, woodworking and other creative crafts are often considered historical, older skills - The Crafty Lady decided to feature an old favourite this week for the 75% off sale. 

Snuggly DK
164m/50g55% Nylon/ 45% Acrylic
Reg. $6.50
75% Off

This yarn would be great to help finish up some of those projects you did not quite have enough of, or the right colour. We have enough to do smaller projects at this price - it is a great sale!!

Posted by Anne, happy, happy crafter - who is slowly getting projects finished and may get the garden in next week. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

'Round and 'Round and 'Round She Goes...

"...and where she stops, nobody knows!"

That phrase originated with 'wheels of fortune' and similar games of chance, but it can also apply to a merry-go-round, or a 'round-about' (not the traffic kind!) or a carousel.   I don't know about you, but this invention, which apparently evolved from early Middle Ages jousting traditions (!), remains one of my very favourite rides at any amusement park or fair grounds.
Whenever we took the family to Heritage Park in Calgary, I insisted on a ride on the antique carousel, which had been moved there from its original home in Bowness Park.

Carousel, Heritage Park, Calgary
Photo credit: TripAdvisor

These wonderful creations are so colourful, with beautifully decorated horses and other animals, and music that is very distinctive -- usually played on an organ or caliope, or at least a recording thereof, setting the tone for an afternoon of fun and frolic in the sunshine.  I dare anyone to resist smiling when they listen:

I'm thinking it's not only the round shape, but also the colourful nature of this week's Super Special Sale yarn that gives it its name:

Carousel Chunky
King Cole Yarns

Colour-way seen here: #2775 - "Roller Coaster"!

70% Acrylic
30% Wool
Machine washable, hang or dry flat
200 grams = 316 metres (345 yards)

Regular Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $5.00

With a combination of solid and marled dye repeats, it makes for texture as well as colour, and works well for baby blankets, slippers, hats, scarves and wraps!  (The Crafty Lady has made a version of her well-known shrug with it, which you can see in the shop.  😊)

You could even make several of these items from one ball -- the perfect portable project for a road trip, a weekend camping or at the cottage, a sunny afternoon on the patio or -- while waiting in line for a ticket to ride on a carousel!

Do drop in this week to outfit yourself for that perfect Victoria Day long weekend project.
See you in the shop!

*Written by Margaret who can knit in cars, on buses, trains and planes...but has yet to try it on a merry-go-round!

Monday, May 6, 2019

It is Alberta!!

Saturday had been designated Highway Clean-Up Day across Alberta. Did you notice it snowed all Friday evening, all night and it was still snowing when I came to work last Saturday!! Needless to say, due to the condition of the ditches and icy roads - Highway Clean-up was postponed.

Image may contain: text

Now - be fair! I am not a "smoker" of anything! I do not know a great deal about the benefits/harm of smoking "weed" - so I am not taking sides!! I just thought this was funny!

It has been a while since I heard someone tell me - if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes! Did Mother Nature get stuck on snow?

All across the prairies, we did not get enough snow over the winter. We seriously need the moisture, and for years we have been told not to plant our gardens before the May long-weekend. So why am I hearing my avid gardening friends complain - last year they had their garden in by this time last year? Are we trying to confuse Mother Nature or is it just our way of trying to control the uncontrollable?

I am hoping the moisture just keeps falling, as I am still trying to work on some winter projects and not being able to get into the garden (as it is too wet) just allows me to knitting and not feel I "should" be in the garden.

I found some beautiful merino to make a shawl and am still working on socks. I am really enjoying socks - finally. I have struggled for years and not found making socks satisfying. This year, for some reason they are turning out, they fit and are really comfortable. What a gift!! Total contrast - lace patterns and solid knit socks. Who is trying to confuse whom?

Speaking of spring - are you thinking of new projects for the cabin? Something quick, smallish, and fun to work with? I was thinking this week's feature yarn would be great for new covers for couch cushions - both indoor and out.

When I went looking for projects worked our 75% off sale yarn - I was really surprised! Every pattern was a sweater, hat, cowl, socks, scarf or touque! Not a pillow on Ravelry - in this yarn. I am hoping the pictures below will allow you to see the stitch definition - and the versatility of this yarn!

Scoodie = Hood w scarf
smc select
54% alpaca, 32% new wool, 14% polyamid
Hand Wash/Dry Clean
50 g./80 m
Reg. $9.00

   75% OFF
Sale $2.25

Posted by Anne, happy knitter - who is really appreciating the snow - when I have a leak in my rubber boots! Is a new pair on the horizon for Mother's Day? 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Shall We Dance?

Back in the early nineteen-nineties, the public school a few blocks from our home in Calgary was a "community school".  This meant that the city's Parks and Recreation programs were able to be offered in the school for community residents to enjoy.

Included in those classes was "Introduction to Ballroom Dance" -- and somehow I persuaded my husband that we should go.

We ended up taking at least two sessions of this class, as well as going to Friday night dances in order to practice what we'd learned -- fox trot, waltz, rhumba, cha-cha and two-step.

When the school stopped offering the classes, we sought out ones in other locations and commuted downtown for them focusing -- because it was a favourite -- on Latin dance.  This means that in addition to learning more advanced moves in the rhumba and cha-cha, we took up the samba and...TANGO!

The tango became my husband's favourite of all the Latin dances.  It's mainly a 'walking' dance, but because of the count of the tempo and the moves of the upper body as well as the legs, it is fairly tricky.  Also very romantic...and sexy!

When Scent of a Woman came out, this scene became a lovely memory...

Now...this week's Super Special yarn is named "Tango" -- after the dance, and after the wonderful music of composer Astor Piazzolla, whose music elevated it from the streets to the ballroom.

Why Ice Yarns named it that, I confess I have no idea.  Perhaps it's because a little lace can add a lot of flirty fun to the hem of a dress made for dancing...

So...if there's a tango in your future -- or a wedding dance, a prom, or just a fun night out on the town, perhaps adding a bit of lace to the edge of your gown or your shawl, or knitting up a frilly scarf to conceal a bit of -- ahem! -- decolletage...

We offer you

Ice Yarns

75 grams = 29 metres (32 yard)
100% Acrylic

Regular Price: $22.00

Sale Price: $5.50!

As for last tango in Calgary was in 1996.  Later that year my husband, a man with Type 1 Diabetes, hurt his left foot.  Within a few years, he had no legs to stand on, let alone dance on. remains a sweet memory.

But someday we'll meet again, and we'll dance...

*Written by Margaret, who believes that she was born knowing how to knit -- and how to dance.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter, Passover, Celtic/pagans and Spring

Easter, Passover, Celtic/pagans and Spring           
I am NOT a theological student (someone who studies/has studied) religion over the centuries. From my very limited knowledge – all focus on new life, second chance, hope and a spirit of thanksgiving we have survived the winter.
“The Easter narrative draws us into Christ’s life, death & resurrection. He gives us  individually and as a Community  our identity, our life and our future.   This is a time for all of us to explore our journey of faith and for Community” quoted from Northumbria Community website.
There is green in the fields around Lacombe and Bentley, the ice is slowly receding off the lakes, many of the birds are starting to come back – and I saw a butterfly in my strawberries on Friday. I was just disappointed when my great-grandchildren were here on Saturday for Easter dinner the butterfly would not come out.
I had found two damaged bird nests. One fell out of a tree during a winter windstorm and the other was blowing in a ditch – so neither would be used this spring. I brought them home and we had a great time trying to speculate on what kind of birds might have created them.
When you step outside in the country, often you now can hear the birds calling as the build new houses for their mate.
People are starting plants in side, spring cleaning and freshening their homes – even spring cleaning the car! How radical after the winter collection of “things”.
I walk in the Summer Village of Gull Lake almost every day. I pick up garbage and the “gifts” dogs and people leave behind. As the snow has receded, on 1 walk – less than a half mile – I picked up after 5 different dogs (judging by color and size, several candy wrappers and 67 cigarette butts.
Please people, this is so damaging to our environment – please take all your butts home!
Back to spring and hope – as we clean our closets, please remember there are many places to donate items you will not be able to wear this summer. I know I am reducing the number of tops in my closet! Leggings and slacks have been purged over Lent, shoes are also on the list – my husband just staggered and had to sit down 😌
I have not worn several of my good heels lately as I have damaged my knee (a great excuse to be allowed to sit and knit) so the spikes and heels were the first to go. I was talking with friend over the weekend and her challenge was her purses – she has or had 47 purses. I don’t have enough storage room for 47 purses! If I did, could not have all of my yarn stash!! Each to our own stash
While cleaning and looking in hope, is it time to add a bit of sparkle to a room?
This week's 75% off special is definitely sparkle and fun, limited quantity and Not yarn. 
Beaded Tassel
Reg. $ 6.69
75% Off

Posted by Anne, wishing everyone a Blessed Easter, Happy Passover and Hope for a new season

Monday, April 15, 2019

All Toned Up!

Do you live a colourful life?

By that, I mean, do you knit, crochet, embroider and/or quilt by following patterns exactly -- right down to the colours used?  Or do you take the pattern and run with it, colour-wise?

I confess I'm of the latter group.  I love to play with colour -- and use colours that make me feel good or that suit the person for whom I'm creating, regardless of what the pattern's designer originally used.

I wasn't always this way, though -- especially in my quilting life.  When I began as a quilter about 25 years ago, I bought pre-selected bundles of fabric -- where all the fabrics were co-ordinated -- or I bought and assembled kits.

Over the years, though, I studied some Colour Theory, and have learned a LOT!
Source: Color Wheel Artist
In addition to the primary hues (red, yellow and blue) and the neutrals (black, white and grey, which aren't hues), there are tints (hues with white added) and shades (hues with black added)...

And there are tones -- hues with grey added, as you see in the picture on the right.

Tones are popular because the grey that's been added to the original hue(s) reduces the intensity.  Just the right amount of grey creates a more complex colour that is also often considered more sophisticated than true, bright colours, which are often associated with children -- especially in the realm of clothes, toys and/or furnishings.

In the last few years, for both fabric and yarns, tones -- greyed colours -- have been offered up in layers of tints and shades, for what's referred to as a "tonal" effect.

And we have as this week's Super Special such a yarn, which will give you a fabric that is textured with tints and shades of a single colour.  It's chunky, so it's just right for hats, scarves, mittens, boot toppers or cowls, when you're in the mood for accessories that have subtle texture, and perhaps just a bit of sophistication.

100% Acrylic
100 grams = 152 metres (166 yards)

Regular price: $8.00

Sale Price: $2.00!!

Note how it knits up to show off the tints and shades of the tones of colour:

Pattern: Mountain Nights Slouch Hat
Designer: Kelly McClure
Free Ravelry Download

Pattern: Veronica Cardi
Designer: TLYarn Crafts
For sale on Ravelry

Time to tone up!

See you in the shop!

*Written by Margaret, who prefers toning with yarn to toning at the gym!  😉

Monday, April 8, 2019

Thanks - New 75% special

When the first 75% off sale is sold out on Monday, we offer a second option - store policy!

The Cozy Soft Chunky was such a great deal it has all been sold!!

Second chance for this week -

by Katia
46% virgin wool, 46% acrylic, 8% polyamide
Machine wash
Reg. $12.00
Limited quantity!!

Teaser - On April 17, the Lacombe Kinsmen are hosting a Silent Auction, fundraising for the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre. Note: The Crafty Lady is a board member of the LPAC.

Our donation to the Silent Auction is this shawl - knit from KFI's Luxury Collection Albina - gorgeous colour changes, soft and comfortable to the touch, light and warm.

Please come out to support the Community Fundraising Event!!

Easter vs Spring?

What does Easter mean for you and your family?

Image result for passover clipartPassover, also called Pesach, is the Jewish festival celebrating the exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery in the 1200s BC. The story is chronicled in the Old Testament book of Exodus.

Jewish people celebrate Passover with a ceremonial meal called the Seder. During the Seder, foods with symbolic significance are eaten, prayers and traditional recitations are performed. 

Pagan Origins
In pagan celebrations, Easter was typically a celebration of fertility. Many cultures associated the celebration with the Germanic goddess of fertility, Eostre, which is where the holiday’s name came from. 
The Easter Bunny is a result of folkloric tradition. Their association with the holiday comes from their ability to procreate, making them symbols of fertility. German settlers brought the Easter Bunny tradition to America in the 1700s.
Easter BilbyIn Australia, the Easter Bilby delivers eggs rather than the Easter Bunny, as bunnies are viewed as an agricultural pest. The city of Haux, France, make an omelet big enough to feed 1000. The dish is often has about a 10 inch diameter. Easter is an important holiday in Greece, where on the island of Corfu, residents toss pots of water out of windows, following the Venetian tradition of breaking pots in celebration. They also bake cakes in the shape of doves, called kolompines. Guyana flies homemade kites, a tradition often participated in by citizens of all religions.
Related image
Countries all over the world celebrate Easter differently. Italy holds reenactments of the Easter story held in the public squares. Cyprus holds bonfires in the yards of schools and churches. In Germany, eggs are set in trees, called Easter egg trees, similar to the Christmas tree.
The Czech Republic and Slovakia have several unique Easter traditions. One features the males of a family spanking females with a homemade whip decorated with ribbons. The spanking is lighthearted and is believed to bring health over the next year. The men may also dump cold water on them in some areas. It is also a day for men to pay visits to objects of their affection.

In the United Kingdom, observers participate by rolling eggs downhill. In some areas they also perform the Pace Egg play. A big part of Jamaican celebrations is to eat a spiced bun that may contain raisins with cheese. In Scandinavian countries, like Norway, people ski and relax at mountain cabins. Some areas feature children in costume going door to door for candy or flowers. Nordic countries include salmon or another type of fish with the feast. 

Many Christians begin the celebration with an Easter Vigil the night before, sometimes called Easter Eve or Holy Saturday. Church services on Sunday typically follow regular church service tradition with a sermon or songs concerning the Easter story. Some churches hold mass or other services at sunrise. Other common traditions include: 

Image result for easter clipart free
The Easter egg hunt originated with pagan spring festivals that celebrated fertility. Like many pagan traditions, Christians intertwined the practice with religious significance. Easter egg hunts feature eggs hidden by the mythical Easter bunny, which may contain candy or other prizes. Hard-boiled eggs may also be used. The children will go looking for eggs to put in their Easter egg basket. On the day before Easter, many families decorate hard-boiled eggs with paint to use for the hunt. Eggs are also part of the tradition because of the ban on eggs during lent in Medieval Europe, meaning they were often included in the Sunday feast.
  • Churches are often decorated with flowers. A significant theme for Easter is rebirth, which flowers can emulate and symbolize. Traditional Easter flowers include Easter Lilies, which are believed to have grown in the Garden of Gethsemane, the site of Jesus’s arrest. Other Easter flowers include pussy willows, daffodils, narcissuses, and red tulips, which symbolize Jesus’s shed blood.
  • Including the candy hidden inside of Easter eggs, many children are given a basket of goodies at the day’s beginning. A common gift is a chocolate bunny. Note: Easter is the 2nd most popular time to give chocolate, just behind Halloween. 
If you are planning to create Easter treats in yarn, this week's 75% off special is just for you!

Image result for Ella Rae Cozy Soft 215

Cozy Soft Chunky
Ella Rae
75% acrylic/25% wool 
Machine washable

Reg. $8.00

75% Off

Written by Anne, TCL employee who has planned Easter dinner, but not knit any treats

Monday, April 1, 2019

Cotton: Part III

I'm writing this on a cloudy, chilly Sunday afternoon, having driven home from Lacombe an hour or so ago.  It was snowing there -- the big, fat flakes associated with spring snow.  Blessedly, as I travelled farther East, the snow stopped.

Snow -- and tomorrow it's April.  Sigh.

The photo at left is of a robin I spotted on the ornamental cherry tree in my front yard on March 17 -- 2013.  I don't recall seeing one that early since -- and that wee fellow looked distinctly shivery at the time!

Will Spring ever arrive this year?!

In last week's post Crafty Lady colleague, Anne, refused to predict anything.  I don't blame her.  As she said, it's a given that the weather in Alberta reflects what I hold is Mother Nature's truest personality trait: unpredictability.

That said, Spring eventually does arrive, followed (whether quickly or slowly) by Construction Season Summer.

In anticipation of those eventualities, The Crafty Lady is once more enticing you with cotton.  While you can use our Super Special offering for home decor items, the bright colours we have in stock will make for fun in the sun in a beach cover up, or as a tee-shirt top to pair with shorts or Capri pants.

If a home decor item is your preferred project, these yarns will work for place mats or facecloths or dishcloths...but are also ideal for funky market bags for picnics or Farmer's Markets or road trips to your favourite Alberta craft shop(s).  😉

Without further are the cotton yarns we've put on Super Special this week -- the Circulo sisters:


100% Mercerized Cotton
#5 Weight
500 meters (547 yards)

Regular price: $11.00

Sale Price: $2.75



100% Cotton
1000 metres (1094 yards)
#10 Weight

Regular price: $11.00

Sale Price: $2.75

Why wait for Spring?  Start your Spring/Summer cotton wardrobe now!  See you in the shop!

*Written by Margaret, happy TCL employee who has to admit that at her age, her "beach body" is best hidden under a cotton beach cover-up!

Monday, March 25, 2019


Related image

Is it really spring? I am a born and raised Albertan. Those of us raised on the prairies know the weather can change quickly and in interesting ways. Many times we quote "if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes".

The weather for the last week or so has been a gift reminding us spring is around the corner, but it is here to stay. The snow is disappearing, the geese are back and the willows and poplars are starting to bud. I had not yet seen any open water on local ponds/sloughs but this was my view of the Blindman at Bentley this weekend.

Last week was the Spring Equinox, and the last "super-moon" for 2019.

We have had three in a row.  According to some astrologers, a super-moon is when the moon is closer to the earth. As the moon controls water and tides, say old tales, therefore the moon will have a stronger pull on our emotions and tides will be higher.

One UK headline recently read: "Super-moon triad WARNING: Tonight's Equinox Full Moon is a 'prophetic sign of APOCALYPSE'. . . Because of its rarity, some doomsday preachers and conspiracy theorists have dubbed the Super-moon an incredibly sinister portent of doom, especially as we have had 3 in 3 months. The Super-moon coincided with the Spring Equinox (March 20), which has not happened in 19 years and will not repeat itself until the year 2030."

I am not predicting ANYTHING.  I do believe there is something to the superstition regarding the phases of the moon, especially relating to tides and emotions. There are many things we do not understand in this world. Though I do "believe" Old Man Winter is not done with us yet, and is going to provide us with one last blast to prove he is alive and well.

It is just interesting to note, our political situation is building to a peak, our southern neighbour is struggling with their politics, while Thailand has recently struggled to elect a democratic government after 5+ years of military rule.

The super-moon is not responsible for the wrongs people do to each other. We CAN knit, crochet, cross-stitch or any craft to create our own sanity space, providing us with time to meditate, find the love in our hearts and be kind to ourselves and each other.

We are currently in the Lenten season, as those of us who attend a Christian church are aware, we are preparing for Easter. I have been encouraged not to give up something for Lent, but to add something.

Image may contain: text that says 'DO YOU WANT TO FAST THIS LENT? In the words ofPope Francis Fast from hurting words and say kind words. Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude. Fast from anger and be filled with patience. Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope. Fast from worries and in God. Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity. Fast from essu and be prayerful. Fast from bitterness and fill your hearts with joy. Fast from selfishness and compassionate to others. Fast from grudges and be reconciled. Fast from words and be silent so you can listen.'

Speaking of spring, one of the things I look forward to is getting my cotton yarns to make spring colored projects. For really helpful information on cotton, please see Margaret's blog from last week.

Originally denim was primarily made from cotton fibre. To create the hard wearing denim, the weft/horizontal fibers pass under/over two or more of the weft/vertical threads. The warp threads are usually dyed blue, and the weft threads are white. This creates an interesting diagonal pattern to the fabric while causing the fabric to be blue on one side and white on the other. Denim is a by-product of cotton. It is different from other cotton fabrics, due to the weaving techniques.

This week, The Crafty Lady has chosen a denim yarn to feature for the 75% sale. This denim yarn is made from recycled cotton fibres, giving it the tweedy look of denim fabric. It is very durable, will fade over time and is machine washable. It is a perfect choice for lace, cables or sweaters.

original denim
100% cotton
50 gm/91 m
Reg. $6.00
75% OFF
Limited quantities, limited colours.
When they're gone, they're gone!

Come in to The Crafty Lady and we can help you plan your spring projects. 
Posted by Anne, happy TCL employee who is busy planning spring, Christmas . . .