Thursday, January 22, 2015

More Diamond Yarn and Some Very Special Needles:

New yarns! Remember to click on the links so you can get a much better idea of how these yarns look. They do a far better job of taking pictures than we do.

Diamond Alpaca Gold

We've brought in some more colors of Alpaca Gold. This is 100% baby alpaca sport weight (2) and it's sooooo soft. You'll want to buy a hundred skeins and lay them all on the floor and strip down naked and roll around in them until you fall asleep.
L-R Ruby, Damson, Azure

That's not the way we recommend using this yarn, but, if that's what you want to do, we won't tell.

We have the following colors in stock:

1400 Pearl
1401 Anthracite
1402 Natural
1403 Sand
1408 Azure
1409 French Navy
1410 Ruby
1411 Damson

133 m $13.00

Diamond Soxy Lady

Who doesn't love sock yarn! And remember, sock yarn isn't just for socks anymore. Fingering weight (1) is versatile. Shawls, scarves, mittens, cowls, even sweaters! Sure it takes a little longer but knitting isn't a race - well, unless you have a bet going or something. It's a pleasurable cruise, breathe in, breathe out, admire the view, stretch, get the most out of your yarn by taking the time to enjoy it.

L-R Tunisia, Green River, Caravan, Mood Indigo
Soxy Lady - now there's a name! - is made up of 60% superwash wool, 20% alpaca (we love alpaca) and 20% nylon. This yarn is soft. You will be running on clouds. We would suggest wearing them with high heels so your feet don't ache at the end of the day or evening, but frankly that's not a very good look.

We have four colors in stock.

19 Night in Tunisia (now wouldn't I want the adventure that goes with that name)
25 Green River
26 Caravan
27 Mood Indigo

400m $17.00

Okay, all these names take me to different places in the world. I'll have to knit the socks and travel.

And now, as promised, those very special knitting needles.

We have several sets of Lantern Moon needles for you straight needle knitters. These wooden needles are a thing of beauty. You'll want to wear them in your hair or on your lapel instead of just knitting with them. Just think, a hair decoration that you can whip out and make a sweater with.


4.5 mm Rosewood

4.5 mm Rosewood, Blondewood

4.5 mm Rosewood, Blondewood, Ebony
8 mm Rosewood

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