Monday, October 26, 2015

Charity Knitting: Knitted knockers Alberta

Soft, Lightweight, Breathable

Want to make a difference in a mastectomy patient's life?

Make them some knitted knockers.

We have the yarn here for you. Sirdar Cotton DK is 100% cotton, smooth and non-allergenic so it won't cause problems.

The website to get the pattern and to learn more is Knitted kockers Alberta. They have both knit and crochet patterns.

Please use the suggested yarns which are Cascade Pima (we don't carry this yarn), or we have received approval to suggest the Sirdar Cotton DK which we do have.

Dishcloth cotton is NOT okay. It's for washing dishes, not for putting into your bra. Would you want dishcloth cotton in your bra? Well, unless you like to always be prepared to wash dishes.

A $13 ball of Sirdar Cotton DK will make 2-5 knockers depending on the size you make.

And all you need to do is knit them. They do the stuffing and finishing part and then they distribute them for free to women who need them.

So come on down, purchase a ball or two, and knock yourself out! You can even bring your finished ones back to the shop.

P.S. If you buy the suggested yarn we will give you the pattern for free! Normally we would charge for ink and paper. Or you can download the required pattern from the website.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who thinks this is a great idea!)

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