Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bag It!

Some of you may not realize it, but...we are not just a yarn store. I know. It's shocking. In fact, we didn't even start off as a yarn store. It's just that over the years yarn has slowly been taking over like ivy that sneaks along the floor and crawls up the walls, so that now it's a sea of yarn with a couple of small islands of OTHER STUFF.
Large Tote

Last week we got in a shipment of bags. And no, that does not mean nasty customers. I mean like regular bags that you carry stuff in.  Tote bags, messenger bags, cosmetic bags...bags of different shapes and sizes. Bags for books, bags for yarn, bags for OTHER STUFF.

And you may be like me and say "they're white and boring," even though
they're actually off white.

But you can do some pretty neat stuff
with these bags and make them not
boring and not white. They are blank canvases ready for you to go crazy with your imagination and make these bags uniquely yours. Think Picasso, or Monet, or Liberace (Liberace is too an artist, just in a different art).  And we have all the supplies you need to do it with because we

Decorated Tote

  1. Fabric dye. Dye them any color you want. Even tie dyed. You can go sophisticated or wild. Do a solid color or sponge paint on top. It's your bag. There's no such thing as wrong.
  2. We have Aunt Martha's Transfers. You can use them with fabric markers or embroidery floss. Or you can draw right on your bag, or use a pattern from some other source.
  3. Faux leather sheets and felt squares. Applique! Even if you don't sew we have fabric glue.
  4. Waste canvas lets you cross stitch right onto your bag.
  5. Crochet, tat, or knit some doilies and attach them onto your bag. Or you can even make an amigurumi animal and have it hang out on your bag like a little mascot or good luck charm.
  6. We have a flower loom for making flowers. Or you can knit or crochet flowers and other small
    Decorated Messenger
    things for your bag.
  7. We have buttons! Lots of buttons. From elegant to outrageously cute. Be prepared to be accosted by children of all ages who will want your buttons.
  8. Chains, charms and beads. See above problem with these.  
  9. Think yarn is just worsted weight wool? Well then you haven't been to our store. We have (take a deep breath), frilly, fabric, fur, ladder, lace, ribbon, bobble, pearl, sequin, and metallic yarns and threads to play with. Now say that last line three times really fast.
  10. Pom poms! We have them ready made or you can make your own with our pom pom makers in all kinds of sizes - no not cheerleader size, that would look stupid on your bag. Okay, maybe not stupid. Prove me wrong.
  11. Show your Canadian pride. We have Canada flag patches as well as other iron on patches. You can go with the professor look. Or make sure you take your bag with you while travelling and show that Canada flag. That way people will know that you're not voting for Trump. 
  12. Want to waterproof that bag? For the rain not for scuba diving. We have  Iron-On Clear Cover.
  13. Cosmetic Bag
  14. If this is a gift you can stick a label on it saying it's from you and how much you love them because see this beautiful bag you made for them. And then you can ask them for a favor.
The rebel Jute Bag

Once you've done your bag, take a picture and send it to us. We'll post it to show off all your incredible talent and ingenuity. We celebrate talent and ingenuity around here.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who may or may not make a bag but had fun coming up with ideas for one).

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