Monday, December 19, 2016

Letter From a Very Special Customer

We got this email from a customer who made time out of her busy day to come in last week.

Dear Lori, Anna & Margaret,

I was in your lovely store the other day. Of course I didn't tell you who I really was because you might not have believed me, or you would have said among yourselves "the poor dear is delusional" and had me picked up by psychiatric services and thrown into one of your hospitals. It's happened before and it's such a to do to get me out. Nick gets beside himself and starts yelling and the help has to cover their ears and come break me out of prison. So I've learned it's best not to say anything to grown-ups about it. 

I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with your store. We have a very nice knitting shop here at the North Pole in Santa Village run by my good friend Sadie. She brings in yarn from all over the world and it is such lovely yarn, but the other day I simply had to get away. You know when you're having those days when the elves are fighting and your husband is stressed out over deadlines and the chocolate machine goes wonky and flings chocolate around and the reindeer are butting heads and no one can find Rudolph to check on flight plans. Oh don't worry, we found him. He was off on another adventure with the dentist. They do that now and then but I wish they would wait until after Christmas. I handled all that very well, but when I burnt the gingerbread cookies (and really it only takes such a little silly thing) that was when I lost it and decided to run away for the day.

So I asked the North Wind for a ride and flew down to your shop since I heard such wonderful things about it. I thought about taking one of the sleighs - we have several - but they get too much attention and they were all being serviced getting ready for Christmas Eve. For those who don't know, we have sleighs sent to several points throughout the world so that Santa can have fresh reindeer and a new load of toys. 

Your staff was very kind to me and helped me out when I needed it and left me alone to wander when I didn't need help. And oh the joys that I found! Lovely merino tonal fingering yarn that I 'm planning on using for a fair isle "My Favorite Things" scarf for Nick.  I'm already designing and searching for motifs for it. It will of course have reindeer, cookies, toys, snowflakes and children on it.  I may use Dr. Who and Harry Potter motifs as well and I think I'll add palm trees. You see we like to go to warm beaches to bring in the New Year and have a rest before we start up production again. 

I also found Baby Bunting for my slippers and I'm going to make myself a coat out of the Flutterby Animal Prints. And I also bought some Ella Rae Superwash Classic Wool that I'm going to use for a vest for Nick. We have to dress him in layers for Christmas Eve so that he can take pieces on and off depending on where he is. His fur lined red coat gets too warm when he's in the Bahamas. I bought sock yarn for the elves - we have our little knitting circle on Thursday evening, and I treated myself to some gorgeous KFI silk yarn to make myself a shawl. I picked a deep blue tonal that reminded me of the night sky here at the North Pole and I picked up some Mill Hill beads to knit into it.  Plus I bought a large set of Chiao Goo needles. Oh, the splurge on that one but I think I deserve it. Besides, I'm wrapping them up and putting them under the tree for me from Nick. He doesn't know this yet. 

A very successful shopping trip and just what I needed. I went back home with my purchases and was able to solve all the annoying problems that had besieged my day including the annual debate over the nice and naughty list. We have some elves that simply don't understand children and would just put everyone on the naughty list. I keep sending those elves off to the stables but they keep sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong and causing problems. Every family has at least one.

I would love to say I got out my knitting needles right away but life is so busy here before Christmas that I fall into bed each night exhausted and then I have to deal with Nick and his constant worrying that we won't be done in time. He does this every year in December and I have to prevent him from having a complete melt down but we always manage through it and we're always ready by Christmas Eve even though it is a mad rush. 

Although I can't get out to your lovely store very often I will make sure I do come more often and I think I'll bring Sadie who loves to see other yarn shops even though she's in one every day. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope the coming year is Joyfull. And yes I know I spelled it wrong but I spelled it the way it should be. Our lives should be FULL of JOY in spite of all the hardships that come our way. I know it's frantic at this time of year but remember, perfection is over rated and is not meant to be achieved. Spend time with people, especially those who have no one. Enjoy your loved ones. Take care of yourselves. And remember...Be JOYFULL!

Love, Mrs. Claus

P.S. I have talked to the North Wind about the cold and asked him to be a little kinder to you Christmas week. He's a bit stubborn and says he's been behaving himself the past two winters but he simply has to stretch and be himself this winter. He said he would think about being nicer but he made no promises. He can be a stubborn fellow and a little greedy. I did tell him that he should restrict himself to three months like the other seasons, but he got a little huffy about that. So let's hope he does decide not to be so harsh. 



100% Acrylic
100 g/100 m/109 y Chunky (5)

Regular Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $2.00


But never fear. Here's the back up one.

61% Baby Alpaca 24% Nylon 15% Merino Wool
50g/125y/115m Chunky (5)

Regular Price: $19.00
Sale Price: $4.75

By the way, did you know that Mrs. Claus has a Kodiak Bear that loves to give her rides? They have racing events with the polar bears. It's become quite an event and the bears enjoy it as much as the elves and Mrs. Claus do.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who for the first time has all presents bought and wrapped more than a week before Christmas)

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