Monday, August 28, 2017

Change is good . . . ummm . . . Maybe

The Crafty Lady and her staff had a most interesting week as a new software till program was installed.

On behalf of all of us here at The Crafty Lady, we would like to say
We have had a bit of a steep learning curve. There are many bonuses to our new software and a few challenges. We will no longer be collecting points - as this software does not allow us to. All current customers will have their points converted to an in-store discount. The conversion will take a some time, as Lori points out "We have over 6,000 existing customers and we must do each one manually."

Again, thank you - we do appreciate your understanding and patience.

When the program was first installed, we had a hiccup with Visa - we have resolved this issue with three phone calls to our support line. Finding all the products and bar codes, as well as learning where to look for various reports, well let's just say - that may take a little longer.

The patience and support of all customers to-date, has been little short of awesome. Everyone has been so understanding.

One change we are not making is to stop the 75% Off Weekly Sale, and this week we hope to make some of our customers Hap'i . . .

100% Tanguis Cotton/132 yards
Reg. $10.00
75% Off
Posted by Anne, happy employee who is Hap'i with the changes - and looking forward to seeing all our customers

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