Monday, September 11, 2017

Comfy and Carefree

What's your knitting or crochet style?

Do you stress out, tense up and clutch your hook or needles in a death grip?

Or are you laid back, relaxed, comfortable and carefree about your chosen yarn-craft?

There are crafters who turn knitting into a full-body workout by using their entire arm to bring the yarn around the needles, and there are those who control it briskly with the tip of a forefinger.

There are some who are left-handed, some who are right-handed, and some who are ambidextrous.

There are knitters whose habits find them unintentionally twisting stitches, giving their work an interesting texture.

There are some who want instant gratification from their craft, so they work with large hooks or needles and bulky yarn, and some who knit fine lace and socks simply to take as long as possible to savour the process.
Whatever your yarn-crafting habits, we know you all love to squeeze, fondle and work with yarn: wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, linen, acrylic, solitary fibres or blends, solid, variegated or self-striping...It's all good!

And now that cooler, shorter days are upon us, it's time to get into cozy, comfy, carefree projects.  We'd like to help you do that with this week's Super Special...Two yarns that aren't too bulky -- but aren't too thin, are soft to handle but sturdy to wear.  Comfy and carefree!

Diamond Yarn's
SELECT Comfort Chunky
40% Superwash Wool
40% Acrylic
20% Alpaca
50 metres (55 yards) per 50 grams

Regular Price: $4.50

Sale Price: $1.13
75% Off!

Diamond Yarn's
SELECT Carefree Chunky
70% Acrylic
30% Wool
55 metres (60 yards) per 50 grams

Regular Price: $4.50
75% Off!
Sale Price: $1.13

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