Monday, June 13, 2016

A Day at the Races

"It's a beautiful sunny day out here in Pollin Fields. Great day for a race, right Ally?"

"It certainly is, Rick. Welcome everyone to the Annual Great Pollinator Race. I'm Ally McBee...

"And I'm Rick Stingfield...

And I can't wait to see what these teams will do. The Stripers have had a lot of buzzing going around about them. I would say they would be the team to beat."

"Speaking of buzzing, Team Golden Rod has had its share of drama lately. Everyone's talking about it."

"Well, investigations are underway as to the death of their Queen. It was suspicious."

"But no arrests have been made, so for those buzz feeds out there, the team has not been disqualified."

"Not yet, anyway, Rick. But stay tuned, Anything can happen."

"I don't think we can ignore the sad news about the Honeys."

"No. The entire team got wiped out by an intruder. They died bravely protecting their city."

"Let's take a moment to remember those brave members who gave their lives."

"All right, the teams are lined up. Ally, why don't you explain how this race works."

"It's a relay. Each bee will race the others to find the pollen in one field and transfer it to a receptacle. They need 10 mims* of flax, 10 mims of cotton, 10 mims of soy, and 10 mims of corn. Once a bee has collected and deposited , they will race back to their team members and the next bee in line takes a turn."

"Pretty simple."

"Simple yes. Easy no. These bees will be exhausted when they're done."

"Well, you would know, Ally. You were on the winning team last year."

"I certainly was, and it was hard."

"I was on a winning team too."

"Not last year."

"No, not last year."

"It was a long time ago wasn't it, Rick?"

"I wouldn't say it was a long time ago."

"I don't think I was born yet."

"Okay, the teams are lined up and ready and raring to go. In the lineup are The Stripers, then the Clovers, The Golden Rods, the Hornets..."

"Gotta watch those guys. They aren't actually hornets, they just like the bad boy reputation..."

"And they've earned it. Nasty bunch."

"They certainly are, Rick, and the judges keep a close eye on them. They've been disqualified in the past for nasty tricks."

"Beside the Hornets are the Hair-dos. I don't understand that name."

"Well, Rick, it's a play on words. The humans named a hairstyle the Bee Hive."

"That's stupid."

"I know."

"Okay, beside the Hair-Dos are the Dusters. Look! We've got supporters of them out there holding up signs saying 'Eat my dust'."

"Well, everyone's got a favorite, Rick. Oh look. The countdown begins. 3, 2, 1..."

"And they're off!"

"We agreed that I would say that, Rick."

"No, we didn't."

"Yes, we did. I remember the conversation."

"Oh, we talked about it. But we didn't agree...And look at number 23 from the Hair-Do's go! She's really flying!

"That's Janet Beigh. I hear her team mates admire her. She keeps her word."

"And look, right behind her is one of the Hornets. Number 6."

"Buzz Lightning. Has a bad rep among the ladies. Tells them one thing and then does another."

"Look, Team Golden Rod is inching up on the Hornets! While we watch the race why don't you explain this year's theme, Ally."

"This is the Year of the Fabric. As you all know, humans create coverings for themselves because they have nothing to protect them from the cold and the sun."

"Poor beasts."

"Yes, and so to help them we work hard to pollinate the plants that they make these coverings out of. It's really quite interesting how they do it. I would say that humans are almost as evolved as bees."

"They are indeed a fairly intelligent animal species. It's too bad they're trying to wipe us out." 

"Not all of them are trying to wipe us out, Rick."

"No? Well what about the one that killed the Honeys, Ally?"

"I don't think this is the place to talk about that, Rick."

"Only because you're in a corner and can't get out, Ally."

"Only because I refuse to have a conversation with someone who supports a political candidate who wears a ridiculous wig, dyes himself orange and thinks of himself as King Bee!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Good comeback, Rick. Now let's get back to the races!"

"Why is everyone jumping around the field?"

"Because the race is over! We missed it!"

"This is your fault."

"Just like a man. Can't take responsibility for anything."

"That's a sexist thing to say, Ally."

"You should know, Rick."

"Who won?"

"I have no idea. Maybe we should ask King Bee."

"It's not a wig. It's his real hair."



Okay, so this week our sale special is...drumroll please...


Patons Beehive Baby Sport
70% Acrylic, 30% Nylon
DK, 100g/328m/359yds

Regular Price: $5:30
Sale Price:$1.33

Does anyone else think it's weird that the beehive yarn contains no fibers that relate to bees, and that they call it a sport when it's a DK?

So I'll mock the name even more and make a suggestion. This yarn would also be honey sweet for adult sweaters. That's right! Adult sweaters with baby yarn. It can be done. Especially when the yardage is so generous!

And of course you can make your baby items from this too. We have six soft colors and not all of them are traditional baby colors.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who thinks that bees are awesome but can't find a reason for hornets).

* A mim is a unit of measurement in the bee civilization. I know this because a bee told me so.

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