Monday, June 20, 2016

Travels in Peru

If you travel from Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains in Peru, and find the hundred year old man (he claims he's a hundred, but records show that he is far older than that) who calls himself Mike, he will lead you through the land of butterflies and into the mountain of dreams, which involves strange rituals and hidden buttons that reveal magic doorways into the mountain.  You will eventually come out of the mountain if you've managed to escape the deranged ones, into a valley where the Lustra Sheep live.

The Lustra Sheep thrive on the unique vegetation in the valley which makes their coats long and lustrous. They are a rainbow of color as they graze and roll lazily in the sunshine. If you watch quietly they will tentatively come to you, nudging your arm and asking for attention.

Look! There's a brilliant blue one and there's the green one beside her. A more sedate brown one drinks from the lake where the friendly lake monster resides, it's long sleek body curling up and down from the surface. It smiles at you and throws you a fish in greeting as you pet the golden lamb that has curled up in your lap. You watch as it sings a goodbye and slips beneath the surface. Mike informs you that the serpent is magic, and sometimes takes the form of a lady who will grant your deepest wish.

The sheep play with the rabbits and the goats, all exquisitely colored from the plants that they eat in the hidden valley.

Mike shears a small section from one of the sheep and hands it to you. He tells you that you only need a little to spin into great big balls of wonderful, shiny, yarn.

You leave reluctantly. The sun will soon be going down and  you must make the trek back through the mountain, past the deranged ones and through the land of butterflies, before the sun is gone or you will be trapped forever there.


Berroco Lustra
50% Peruvian Wool/50% Tencel

Regular Price: $15:00
Sale Price: $3.75

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who has got this trip on my bucket list)

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