Monday, August 22, 2016

What's Going On In Your Yarn Closet When You're Not Looking?

Do you remember the love story of Charly and Zara?

If you need a refresher, it's here.

A Little Romantic Yarn

As some of you may recall, there was an almost immediate update. Charly and Zara eloped the same day their story came out and we had to put out a different yarn to take their place.

Well, it turns out that Charly and Zara had a baby they named Sport.

Before you roll your eyes, remember that yarn stash you have all over the house that multiplies itself? See, it happens.

And I bet some of that stash you don't really want anymore. You bought it in your early days when you thought those great big balls at Ceiling-mart were such a good deal. There was also that sale when you bought that acrylic yarn for a friend's scarf only to find that she hates green. And that blanket that you were going to make for someone but decided you didn't really want to.

And now it's staring at you accusingly. And you've told yourself you can't buy new yarn that you like without doing something with this yarn that you don't like.

We do this to ourselves. We use our hobbies which we love and use it to punish ourselves. Somehow we don't think we deserve to enjoy ourselves.

I'm going to tell you another love story. A true one.

We have a lady who loves to knit blankets for the homeless and others who need them. She brings us about two a month to give to Blankets for Canada. At the time that I write this she has crocheted  442 blankets.

Yes, people. I will repeat that. Four hundred and forty two blankets!

That takes a lot of yarn. Yarn that she doesn't have. She loves to make these blankets and loves to know that they are going to people in need. When she isn't knitting blankets she's volunteering.

So do you see where this is going?

Get out that worsted weight acrylic yarn (yes, those big balls from Ceiling-mart) and bring them over to the store and we will give them to this lady who will turn them into wondrous blankets for those who need them. Now doesn't that idea feel better than giving yourself 50 lashes with your yarn and denying yourself luscious yarn treats because you've got this perfectly good yarn that you don't like sitting in your closet and hiding under your bed - multiplying. It's a win, win, win situation! You win because you can feel good donating yarn to a good cause and freeing yourself from the guilt. Minke wins because she gets to have yarn to crochet her blankets with, and those who need the blankets win because they get a beautiful handmade blanket to keep them warm. Everybody feels good.

So back to the original love story.

We have a lovely pure wool yarn on our special deep discount sale. Sportwool (the apparent offspring of Zara and Charly) is great for hats, scarves, and mitts. Yes, it is named Sport, but it's actually a DK weight. I don't know why companies do this. I think they want to drive us all insane.

And now that you're going to actually do something with that yarn you don't like you can treat yourself to something nice! Although you actually don't need a reason to treat yourself. Just do it because you're a good person.

Filatura Di Crosa Sportwool
100% Superwash Wool DK (3)

Regular Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $1.75

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who loves a good love story even when the offspring is named incorrectly).

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