Monday, May 8, 2017

Are you ready for a new project?

How does one move from Haute Couture (see the blog Anna wrote last week) to planning for May long weekend, family gatherings, cleaning the trailer or summer cabin?  What project(s) will you take with you? You will have time to knit around the bonfire, so you don't have to eat all of the marshmallows the young ones burn. You will have time when the offspring are in the water and you want to sit on the beach, while keeping them in sight. You will have time when the weather turns rainy, or you just don't want to wash another window while standing on the old, not so reliable ladder.

When planning summer projects, remember the loved ones whose birthday comes in the summer, they too appreciate the work you put into your projects and love a new sweater, afghan or tank top.

Can you put away the heavy project that is hard to work on, carry around - and you just need a break from it . . . so you can start something seasonal, light and fun?

The Crafty Lady (aka Lori) has been bringing in some wonderful bamboo and acrylic yarns in wonderful colours. She also has a wide assortment of colours in 100% cotton - ideal for tank tops, light sweaters, baby outfits or shrugs - for those chill evenings we are still getting. Socks are year round favorites as they are portable, quick to pick up or put down - and result in unique and very trendy footwear. Do you want to challenge yourself and knit a pair of socks for each grandchild/child returning to school in the fall? Or do you want a project you can work on in pieces?

As Albertans, we KNOW the weather is going to change! Lighter weight sweaters, shawls and caplets are a joy to create in this weather. This week's feature is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, light weight and warm - without being heavy

75%  Off Sale


Remix by Berroco 

100% recycled fibers: 
30% nylon,
27% cotton 
24% acrylic
10% silk and
9% linen
200 m/100 gram ball

Original price $ 14.30
One Week Special $3.58

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