Monday, November 13, 2017

Project Bonus

This morning I heard a news story on the imminent possibility of driverless semi-trailer trucks. We have all heard stories regarding the development of driver-less cars or computer-operated vehicles.

The thought of a fully loaded semi driving on the Coquihalla during a blizzard is just down right scary. I don't think the developers have got to that point. The two options reported were the driver would be in the self-driving vehicle, sitting in the driver's seat and only taking over when the alarms went off. The other option currently being developed was the driver would be operating remotely a fleet of 10 - 20 vehicles from a computer desk. These trucks would be robotically driven.

My understanding is many people are really great truckers as they do not want to operate computers, or become computer literate. They like to be working with their hands and minds. The other impact on this industry would be to the mechanics who repair and maintain the trucks.

Let's hope this is going to be a very, very long time coming. I am not sure I am ready for this type of technology.

Similarly, crafters and shoppers love to find really great ideas from the website. There are several great bonuses to browsing and maybe shopping on the internet. Proof - the rise in people who shop (and purchase) on the internet.

It is so much easier to sit with your daughter and find a picture of the sweater you offered to knit for her. My daughter came home a couple of months ago with a picture she found on the internet and said "Please, Mom, I would love this!!" It was a really great comfortable sweater. The problems developed when it took me two days of research to find the pattern - and cost $15 to purchase the pattern.

Then I priced out the yarns suggested in the pattern - the cost amounted to more than I could comfortably afford. It was more than her car payment and monthly rent!! So, having the privilege of working in a yarn shop, I priced out similar yarns. When I get it finished it will be a beautiful sweater, though may
be not quite exactly like the one in the picture.

It is so easy to find a great idea online, then come in an try to describe it to our staff. We do try and help - please recognize we are not mind-readers, and don't know of any courses (online or other-wise) to teach us this skill. We are requesting our customers, please do a little more research prior to coming in. Please take the time to find a similar pattern - and there are a number of really great crafting websites, i.e. Ravelry, Yarnspirations and Interweave. Most yarn manufacturers have pattern ideas on their website, some free and some cost a bit.

These websites have ideas and patterns for quick and easy - or more involved projects. They offer information/ videos to teach new skills, such a short-rows or top down sweaters.

This week we are featuring a very flexible yarn at 75% off - Schaenmayr's Bravo, a 100% acrylic yarn. Find a quick idea online or add to your stash as this yarn will fit in with many quick craft projects.

145 yds/133 m
100% acrylic
Reg. $3.50

75% Sale

Written by Anne, happy knitter who found a way to compromise on price, not on quality. Thanks to The Crafty Lady for supplying beautiful yarns. 

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