Monday, November 27, 2017


"Do you stock sanity?" is a question we often get asked - here at The Crafty Lady.

I have just learned from one of our customers "No - we do not stock it, but we do sell it!!

She admitted she knits so she does not kill someone. We are not taking her literally!

Quoted from this morning's CBC news, Bell employees have been contacting CBC's Go Public "describing the toll aggressive sales targets have had on their health. Bell is well known for it's "Let's Talk" initiative. Current and former employees describe panic attacks in the work-place, stress- induced vomiting and diarrhea. Several employees report stress leave is "common".

Many of the employees applaud Bell's mental health program, they say it's ironic that so many of the company's employees are suffering physically and mentally from pressure "created by the top, down." 

One employee filed a human rights complaint this week, alleging Bell didn't accommodate her disability. She says it eventually led to so much stress that she is on a medical leave" end quote. .

My recent employment background was working for Alberta Health Services at The Centennial Center for Mental Health and Brain Injury. I left there - after taking stress leave. I found some sanity, was hired here and have found my dream job, while being allowed to help others create sanity (and my sanity is still improving).

Interesting recent studies demonstrate knitting/crocheting are right up there with meditation for creating sanity and reduce stress, especially repetitive knitting as in socks  . . . Knitting, crocheting and other repetitive fine motor-skills balance both sides of the brain and help to build better mental health.

This week's 75% Off Special is specifically created to help with your sanity while making one of those last minute great gifts for sock knitters! Or for sock knitters to knit for someone special!

Wool/acrylic socks are the gold standard (so I am told) for hikers, as they wick the sweat while being really warm and the acrylic extends life of the sock.

Each ball will make one large adult pair (not sure about men's 15's. I get two pair of ankle length from one ball. Socks are simply knit in the round and very meditative.

If you are just learning, we can help you learn to turn a heel. 

Four Regia yarns are featured: 
Denim Look, Design Line, 4-Fadig Colour, "Ombre Stripe"
420m, 75% wool/25% polymid 
Regular prices from $15.95 - $20.00
75% Sale Prices from $3.99 - $5.00

Happily posted by Anne, who finds socks are easy to knit and very portable

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