Monday, March 26, 2018

Have you heard the buzz?

CBC reported the return of the Golden Eagle over Crows Nest Pass late last week! The return of the birds is often considered one of the first Official signs of spring.

Golden Eagles can start migrating as early as the end of February. Their populations are widely scattered and are hard to count. They do congregate as they migrate along both sides of the Rocky Mountains. This is where birders are often able to count the population.

Peak migration of the Golden Eagle is from mid March to the end of April. The birder who contacted CBC reported seeing 35 fly over his home - so the migration is well under way.

Albertan's survive the winter and dream about the coming spring . . . and currently the coffee shop buzz is "who has seen the most interesting sign of spring?"

We vie for the first sighting of a pair of shorts (yes), the first flip flops (yes), the first crocus (no), the first motorcycle (yes), the first robin (no) - and the list goes on.

More of us want to get out for a walk. Why not try a spring scavenger hunt?


Or do you enjoy reading poetry in the sunshine?

Spring by Emile Pinet

Drip by drip the snow melts away
for the sun stays longer each day.
And the smell of earth rides each breeze
as life awakes from winter's freeze.

Color returns to barren trees
in the form of emerald leaves. 
And daffodils and tulips show
popping their heads up through the snow.

The air tastes sweet as honeydew
while the sky's a robin egg blue.
And love is everywhere it seems
as smelts spawn in the creeks and streams.

The honking sound from flocks of geese
corresponds with winter's release.
And freshness permeates the air
no other season can compare.

As song birds nest and hatchlings squawk
Nature poses in Her green frock.
And a warmth caresses your skin
as the first signs of spring begin.

Spring buzz to me, means colour - The rabbits are changing, the grass appears through the snow and the younger ones find every available mud puddle. To help, this week's 75% off Special is washable and dryer safe!!!

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Written by Anne, happy TCL employee, who is really appreciating the spring buzz

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