Monday, March 19, 2018

Something Shaded This Way Comes

Brush off your high school French, and try this word on for size: ombré (awm-bray).  Once more, with feeling!  😉  There!  Now you've got it!

Now...having mastered the accent, do you know what it means?  😊  Don't confuse it with "hombré", which is Spanish for 'man'!  Ombré is defined (per the Cambridge English Dictionary) as "having different shades (= strengths) of colour, gradually going from light to dark."

Photo credit: Lounge Hair Studio
And ombre colour-ways have become very popular of late, to create a gradient of colour in a fabric, yarn and -- believe it or not -- hair!

I can't say whether or not The Crafty Lady herself will seek a new look for her long, lovely red-headed locks, but I can tell you that yours truly is developing her own natural ombre hair colour -- even in my short style -- as my hair moves from chestnut to dark brown to silvery grey thanks to the aging process!

And I can tell you that we love ombré yarns here at The Shop.  We have in stock "Berroco Alpaca Tonal", which is a variation on the strict ombré look.  We also have lovely packaged sets of "Crescendo" -- skeins of gradient hand-dyed fingering-weight yarn from Sweet Paprika Yarns.

But the best news of all this week, is that we have selected one of our ombré yarns for our Super Special Sale!  That's right!


NAKO Ombre

100 grams = 190 metres (208 yards)
75% Acrylic
25% Wool

Regular Price: $10.00

Sale Price: $2.50

I can vouch for it's look and feel, as I made a hat for my son out of some of it for Christmas 2016.  It's easy to work with, soft in the hand, and easy for a busy thirty-something fellow to care for. took only 2/3 of a ball (about 114 metres).  Two balls would get you a hat and mitts!

Pattern derived from the 

What's not to love?  See you in the Shop!

*Written by Margaret, happy TCL employee who's not averse to getting shady with her knitting!

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