Monday, March 12, 2018

Just a Taste


Almost every day at The Crafty Lady, we encounter customers who won't buy wool -- unless it's soft.  It matters not the project they're planning -- there's a lingering memory of wool from decades ago, and that memory is sturdy and itchy.

Then one of us on staff will hand the customer a ball of wool -- from the Merino sheep.  "Oh," is the response.  "This is wool?"

Merino sheep produce very soft yarn -- especially the 'Extra-fine' or 'Super-fine' grades.  It's lovely for anything meant to be worn next to the skin -- particularly the torso or the neck.

(Side note: it's okay for socks...if it is a lower grade (i.e., less soft), and/or tightly spun and/or spun with nylon.  Otherwise, one ends up with soft, slouchy socks that wear out quickly.)

It's such a special type of wool that if it's included in any yarn, it has to be labelled as such.  It's sort of the "champagne" of wool.

The quality, the softness, the drape, the specialty of the breed...all of these things mean that, yes, Merino yarn is more expensive than your Everyday Acrylic (even your Best Brand Everyday Acrylic).

But this week?

We have just a wee bit of Merino our Super Special!

Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine170

50 grams = 170 metres (186 yards)
100% Wool

Regular Price: $8.00

Sale Price: $2.00


Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
(Extrafine, Superwash)

50 grams = 105 metres (115 yards)
100% Wool

Regular Price: $9.50

Sale Price: $2.38

And there's just enough for a cozy cowl or a pair of mittens.  A little bit of luxury can go a long way...

*Written by Margaret, who loves all things woolly but....ahhhhh....Merino!

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