Monday, December 3, 2018

Great News!!

Were you out shoveling over the weekend? Were you alone or was it a family/neighbourhood project?

On Saturday, as the snow was lightly falling in front of the store, I was told I was just making room for more and to leave until later. My father taught me many light loads are easier than one very heavy load, especially when it looked like it was going to get icy under foot. By the time the day was done, I had shoveled, Muriel had shoveled and then Bill shoveled a couple of times over the weekend!

Working for The Crafty Lady, I was more concerned all our customers and those in town for the Christmas Faire on Saturday were able to navigate safely. 
Then a truck with two young children and their grandparents pulled up, with a locally grown Christmas tree!! 

To make your life just a little simpler, for the month of December - The Crafty Lady is open 9 am - 9 pm - Monday thru Friday and 9 - 6 on Saturday starting today!! We  hope this will make your Christmas projects a little easier to finish. 

We have Gift Cards, for those who wish to give yarn, but not sure which colour they should gift.

The Crafty Lady did it! 

In a planned move to make room for new yarns arriving in time for our 25th Anniversary sale in February, we have moved several yarns to the Sale wall at 25% off. 
Come and See!

When The Crafty Lady informed us which yarns were going on sale, I asked if I could pay off my bill in installments. I was informed I could take my wages out in yarn, but could not take now and pay later. What a Grinch?

Please note: In her defense, my proposed bill was approx. $400 . . . and that was only the first selection. As I have four large army trunks of yarn at home, do I really need more?


We have felt for your decorating projects . . . .


As a domino of the store moving from the old location and The Crafty Lady's mother house cleaning (now the garden is out), they have been sorting through things. 

The found 2 racks full of ribbons, trims, fringes and tassels - prices as marked!! Do we have a specific ribbon? Maybe, come in and see. If we do not have your specific, maybe we have something that is an interesting substitute. The prices are what was on the item when it went into the bin several years ago, so there are some great prices!

Margaret and I have been advised - we can cut lengths to suit your needs. We have Christmas ribbons, Christmas green trims - with beading, gold embossed, cream fringe for antique style lamps (and other colours). Some of the trims are suitable for clothing, and would be great for dolls or little/big girls outfits. 

The Crafty Lady is primarily a yarn (knit/crochet) store - but we are so much more. We have beading supplies, some cross-stitch/tapestry supplies, the most complete selection of DMC both floss and wool in Central Alberta, patterns, and temporarily  . . . ribbons, tassels, trims and fringes!

So, to the highlight of this blog? This week's 75% off Special is

Estelle Yarns "Union"

100 grams = 91 metres (100 yards)
50% wool
46% Acrylic
4% Nylon (Polyester)

Regular Price: $13.00

Sale Price: $3.25!!

Posted by Anne, very happy TCL employee who loves working with all the staff at The Crafy Lady!!

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  1. To be clear, I said Anne could put the yarn on layaway until it was paid. We do that here. :)