Friday, March 18, 2016


About a decade ago, DMC floss prices jumped from 69¢ to 79¢ and even though there has been another cost increase since then, The Crafty Lady has held off increasing to 89¢ for the past five-ish years (due to a certain big box store selling them at a loss just down the road). Now our wholesalers have dropped the bomb that, due to production costs increasing exponentially, the next suggested retail price is jumping to $1.10.

Yes, you read that right: $1.10 per skein for regular cotton floss.

I have not yet been told how the increases affect the specialty flosses or Coton Perle.  All I know is that I am giving you - my loyal customers - a heads up. I am posting the new price increase to happen two weeks after I start paying the new cost.  That means you will have to the end of March to stock up on your colors before I change the prices in the computer. The downside to this deal?  If there is an empty hook where your color of choice should be, you will have to special order the colors you need and then pay the new price.

So to avoid disappointment and sticker shock, come in and stock up NOW!

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