Monday, April 4, 2016

How Yarn, Cross-Eyed Lions, and Leonard Nimoy Become Part of the Craft Store

"The name of that one yarn reminds me of a 60's TV show about an African wild life refuge," I said.

"Daktari!" Lori replied, checking her cell phone for more information.

"You remember it too?"

Lori and I are one year apart age wise (she's older - had to say that) so a lot of our memories of pop culture are similar even though we grew up in different places in Canada. I realize I've dated us, but before you calculate our ages at somewhere in our nineties, I will say that 60's TV shows for us were when we were little kids and we spent a good portion of the 70's as teenagers. It does not add up to being in our nineties but does add up to an age that I myself am not comfortable with.

"Wasn't there a cross-eyed lion?" I asked. "Clarence," I said, suddenly remembering the name. "Clarence the cross-eyed lion."

Did I ever mention that my head is full of trivial pop-culture?  Sometimes stuff I don't even know I know. Like Clarence the cross-eyed lion. Or the 70's Old Dutch potato chips jingle that I found myself singing when I saw an Old Dutch potato chips truck. Do the Dutch even grow potatoes?

"Judy the chimp," Lori said, reading it from her phone.

"I remember now," I said.

"Daktari means doctor."

"I didn't know that. Makes sense though."

We work hard in the store. Yes, we do. Stop laughing. There's customers to wait on, stuff to count (lots and lots of little teeny weeny things to count but I'm not going there right now because we just finished inventory and that's rough enough without reliving it), stock to shelve, phones to answer, constant rearranging to make way for new product - although customers are convinced we do it for the sole purpose of confusing them - and Lori has responsibilities that only she can do. We also try and take time to just sit and knit, something you can't do in most retail stores where sitting and taking a break is considered laziness. Here, it's part of the job. Sometimes when we are sitting in the cozy corner on the couches in front of the window, happily knitting away, we end up with weird conversations, and with the glories of the internet, we look up weird things, like Leonard Nimoy singing "Bilbo Baggins" complete with hippie go go girls.

I am not kidding.

It is a real thing.

So what has this to do with yarn?


Other than one of our feature yarns has a name that reminds me of a TV show about an African wild life refuge that was on when I was a little kid and can barely remember except for the name of a cross-eyed lion.


We have two yarns this week. Lano Gatto Dakar. It's a bulky yarn made up of 51% wool, 44% acrylic, and 5% viscose. The other yarn is Diamond Luxury Collection Color Cascade Chunky. This one is 50% Alpaca and 50% Fine Peruvian Highland Wool.

Lana Gatto 
(50g, 55m/58yds)

Regular Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $2.00

Diamond Luxury Collection 
Color Cascade Chunky 
(100g, 120m)

Regular Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $3.75

Links to fun stuff so you know I'm not making it up.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee with so much trivial information on the brain that I get most of the Gilmore Girls pop culture references). 

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  1. You know that mannequin head that's wearing the Color Cascade toque? Well...he sort of resembles Leonard Nimoy (in his youth)...Just add the Spock ears... Just sayin'! ;-)