Monday, April 11, 2016

Rumplestiltskin Wasn't the Only One Who Spun Metal

We have a lot of Berroco yarn. When I say a lot, I mean like enough to yarn bomb every tree in Lacombe. Not that we want to do that. We like Berroco yarns and although trees are lovely, we feel that it is unnecessary to dress them in striped body suits, especially in exquisite Berroco yarns. Ceiling-mart yarns are good enough for trees.

Berroco is a family company. It began in 1809 by Jerry Wheelock in Uxbridge Massachusetts back when men wore knee breeches and powdered wigs. The mill produced woolen cloth although I doubt anyone was wearing a powdered wig while creating cloth. Powder in your woolens is probably not a good idea. It might make someone sneeze.

The company has been passed down through six generations, several wars, and the hippy era. The Wheelock family still own it, morphing it from a woolen mill to a distributor of fine yarns from around the world. So now instead of making cloth, they provide the materials for you to make cloth. 

Their website,, not only showcases their yarns, but patterns (including freebies), a blog, and knitting tips. Want to learn how to block? They have the info. Want to join a stitch-a-long? They've got that too. They also send out a newsletter to interested customers letting them know about the new yarns and patterns and they often enclose a link to a free pattern. 

According to our sales rep, we very well may be the largest retailer of Berroco yarns in Western Canada. Not that we're claiming it because we do not want to get into a Berroco duel with anyone. Although a duel with knitting needles might be interesting.  Hmm. I should ask Lori how good she is at fencing. She may have to defend her honor one day. 

We carry a lot of Berroco patterns too and if you're a Nora Gaughan fan, then you will love the Berroco books that showcase her work which range from stunning to kind of weird.

This weeks 75% off sale showcases a Berroco yarn. See, there is a reason why I've waxed poetic about Berroco. Okay, maybe not poetic and waxing hurts anyway.

Elements is inspired from the elements of the earth so it has metal names. Not to be confused with heavy metal which is really loud. This metal is much softer and doesn't hurt your ears and really isn't metal anyway.  Here's some poetic waxing from the Berroco website: 

Modern and sleek, Elements boasts a unique two-toned effect. A shimmering nylon mesh encloses soft wool, allowing the fibers to peek through and create a gentle halo of color.

Merle made with Elements by
Norah Gaughan
In other words - understated shiny stuff. It's quite elegant looking and people on Ravelry have created some beautiful projects with it. Norah Gaughan designed a gorgeous sweater. Look at that cable! It's like Celtic embossing found on ancient long forgotten churches that you stumble across on snowy days while looking for shelter or while wandering the wild woods with a sword by your side and riding your trusty steed with your wand hidden away in your cloak - that you knitted.

We had the book around here but it's gone now, however you can download the PDF pattern on the Berroco website. Here it is.

Merle Pattern

So download the pattern and hurry over to us to get the yarn. We do have enough, but only if you get here fast! Like really fast. Like sleep overnight in your car parked outside the store fast.

Remember that week when we sold out of our sale yarn by 1:00 on Monday? Now I'm not saying that will ever happen again, but who knows? We've often sold out by Wednesday. And then if you planned on knitting this pattern with that yarn, and you weren't here early enough, you would be very sad, and have to settle for something else in our store. Which would still be nice, but more expensive because it wouldn't be at 75% off.

Even if you don't want to commit to a cabled sweater, with all this glittery goodness this would also make a lovely shawl or scarf. Just enough shine without competing with the signs of Las Vegas.

We have four lovely colors in stock. Curium, Sulfur, Xenon, and Krypton which I think is the big brother of Kryptonite, the only thing besides emotional blackmail that can bring down Superman.

51% Wool, 49% Nylon
50g 153 yds/141 m

Regular Price: $14.00
Sale Price: $3.50

Posted by Anna Maria Junus happy employee who thinks that she would like to make a scarf using that cable pattern because it could lead to a magic Celtic church.

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