Monday, May 16, 2016

Say Goodbye

As some of you know, we are eliminating Bernat, Patons, Sugar & Cream, and Phentex from our inventory.

Now calm down. Don't panic. It's really not that bad.

These are yarns that although they have been good for us, they can also be found easily through the big box stores, small craft stores, and directly from the distributor. Well, except maybe the Phentex. But I'm sure you can still find Phentex somewhere. That stuff will outlast a nuclear war. And we are on the search for a substitute.

We want to offer you yarns that you can't pick up that easily. Yarns that make you swoon. Make note; Remind Lori to get smelling salts.

It happens that yarns hit the chopping block, even the swooney ones in amazing colors. There's a lot of different reasons why either companies or stores discontinue making or selling a yarn. We don't like to see beautiful yarns die, but you get the advantage of this since you can pick them up at sale prices. Besides, by getting rid of the old, we make way for the new.

And although we would love to carry every yarn in the world, we just don't have the storage for that. I don't think the entire city of Lacombe has the storage for it.

So even our large store has to be choosy.

Bernat Super Value hit our chopping block and we no longer have any of it.

Like I said. Calm down, don't panic.

We did bring in beautiful acrylic yarns in a wide range of colors. You can't get these yarns at the big box stores.  So yes, you can still make your afghans!

This week we have a steal of a deal with a Bernat yarn. If you think that crochet thread is only for doilies and tatted collars, think again.

Look at the patterns in this book that we have!

To Wear

Lace Knit Shawl (3 balls)

Openwork Tunic (3-4 balls)

Pineapple Lace Shawl (3 balls)

Patterned Hexagons Bag (4 balls)
Frilly Cropped Vest (2-4 balls) 

For Home
Shell Stitch Curtain Panel (3+1+1 balls)

Patchwork Pillows (3+3 balls)

Alfresco Place Mat (1+1+1 balls)

 And what is this magic yarn that does all these things with so little at a now magic price?


Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread
100% Acrylic, Lace Weight size 5

Regular Price: $3.60
Sale Price: $.90

That's right. Ninety cents. Which means you can make the lightweight easy care Openwork Tunic for 4 bucks!

But that can't be right, Anna. You can't make a top of any kind for 4 bucks!

Oh, but you can, when you get this yarn at this price.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who knows that you can knit with crochet thread. Yep, yep, you can!)

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