Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dr. Who Stole My Sweater

I have had seven babies.

Pick your eyeballs up off the floor. Yes, seven. And I had them the hard way. One at a time with no drugs. If I had been smart I would have had them all at once, got a reality show and been on Dancing With the Stars.

They're all grown up now - except for the teenager I have at home. I have been living with teenagers for the past twenty years. And I currently have six grandchildren - and that's from only two of my kids so I'm looking at maybe a few dozen more. Okay, maybe not that many, but still...

I decided when they started coming not to make special baby things.


I do have a reason, two in fact.

1. There's going to be too darn many of them to ever hope of keeping up. I couldn't do it for my own kids. Someone is going to be left out and someone is going to have their feelings hurt and then there will be pouting and crying and accusations that I love someone else better. And that will be from the grown ups.

2. I don't want to foist something on someone that they don't want or don't like.

"Here, I specially picked out the yarn for you and I spent hours searching through patterns and weeks and weeks out of my life making it. I hope you like it."

And they'll look at it and plaster a fake grin on their face, "This is great. I love it. Honest." And then it will be thrown in a deep dark part of the closet and hurriedly dragged out whenever I came over so that my feelings don't get hurt.

I don't want to do that to someone.

So I would prefer to only make things for people who specifically ask for them, who pick out the pattern and the yarn.

Only that hasn't worked out either. The teenager picked out a pattern and the yarn and I diligently went to work on the two color mosaic pattern and got the body finished and began on the sleeves, only to have the body disappear completely!

It has been a mystery around here trying to figure out where it went to. It's not at home, or in the store, or in my car, and those are the only places it's been. When it disappeared I even checked the pathways from my car to the store, and all the dumpsters and garbage bins in case someone picked it up and said "this is UGLY" and trashed it.

It wasn't ugly but you never know.

It just magically disappeared into some black hole somewhere and is currently being worn by Dr. Who* or someone and is going on adventures leaving me here at home.

That's just not fair.

So now when people ask about it I say, "let's just say it never existed" because it's too traumatic and I haven't got the heart to start over. I keep hoping the teenager will forget about it too.

My oldest graduated from the U of A and asked for a blanket in her school colors. Have I started it yet? Nope. I don't even have the yarn even though I have enough yarn to make blankets to go around the world, and up to Saturn, but none in those colors. There's other yarns that call and scream out to me instead. and so - squirrel.

Maybe I secretly hope that no one will ask me to make them something because then I'll have to make things I don't want to. And besides, why should I make things for Dr. Who* to steal, leaving me behind in my boring life while my creations travel through time and space.

But I know there are lots of you out there who love to make things for others, and do so successfully, especially the babies that come into your life.

There is a point to all of this, and I'm getting there.

Last week I warned you.

We are getting rid of a couple of our lines for good which means several things.

1. You get great deals on those yarns while we're clearing them out. Now's the time to stock up!

2. If you absolutely have to have those particular brands, you'll have to go to the big box stores or buy them online.

3. We will have room for other yarns that you can't pick up that easily. Beautiful yarns. Yarns that will make you not want to go to the big box stores. And really, that's what the independent craft stores are all about. Providing you with knowledgeable service and with things that you can't just pick up at Ceiling-Mart or Mikes. Plus we're way more fun.

Our Bernat line is almost gone. Almost. We have one yarn left and this is what's on our deep discount for you.


Bernat Baby Coordinates 
71.2% Acrylic, 25.6 % Rayon, 3.2% Nylon
DK (3)

Regular Price: $6.50
Sale Price: $1.43

If you want any, you'll have to get down to the store now, because I don't think that at this price it will last long. All it takes is one woman to get in here and wipe out the whole thing. And believe me, she won't hesitate. 

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who thinks that baby yarn is fine for non-babies too and isn't impressed with Dr. Who right now).
* Dear Whovians, please read "The Doctor" - edited by Lori, the resident Whovian ;)


  1. lol, yes! I was thinking "she is not a true Whovian, referring to him as Dr Who constantly." Thank you Lori, lol.

  2. I believe I must have items that are travelling through time and space somewhere as well. Or my cat ate them either way they are gone...lol

  3. Okay, even if I were a true Whovian, I still would have referred to him as Dr. Who for all the non-Whovians who don't live in Whoville.